STORYTELLING: LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Storytelling is a universal, traditional art form, that has featured strongly in all cultures as an effective communication tool. Important messages can be so skilfully conveyed through storytelling, as the listener is so entranced by the magic images the storyteller paints before your eyes. And it is in this way that we as educators of young children can promote their learning. We have finished to do storytelling as one of our task given. The topic that our group chosen are Little Red Riding Hood.
According from characters in that story, there are five character in that story. So our group consists five person in group are divide that each of characters. They are Little Red Riding Hood as main characters, mothers’s Little Red Riding Hood, grandmother, wolf, and woodsman. We also add narrator in our storytelling. The scripts we are use according to the each of scene in that story. Before we started our storytelling we have search some information in internet about this story.
As we know Little Red riding Hood is the most favourite fairy tales story among children. Eventhough it is ages, but until now the story is still famous as activity in classroom. Our group have selection of material to show for each characters in that story. for example we have choose puppet act as narrator. Then we had print in colour the image each of the characters. Then our group put the image paper on the stick that we had bought. As conclusion storytelling is one of activity in classroom its well-suited for student exploration.

As a learning tool, storytelling can encourage students to explore their unique expressiveness and can heighten a student’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate. Besides that, throgh storytelling is can gaining verbal skills, imagination which developing the imagination can empower students to consider new and inventive ideas. Developing the imagination can contribute to self-confidence and personal motivation as students envision themselves competent and able to accomplish their hopes and dreams.

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