Title: The Internet of Things and Risks to Cyber Security .
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IoT devices are increasing becoming part of organizations’ critical infrastructure.  These devices are being used to maintain buildings, control critical equipment, manage fleets and logistics, and automate many household functions.  Many of these devices are not built with security in mind and contain significant vulnerabilities that put the device and potentially the organization at risk.  These devices are also often not well managed lacking updates, patches, and other security maintenance.  Insecure IoT devices can be used as an attack vector into an organization’s main IT systems, a mechanism for a coordinated attack against other organizations, or a way to disrupt critical business functions.  This session will include an overview and background in the types of risks IoT devices present as well as methodologies for assessing and mitigating these risks. Additionally, the session will include live demonstrations and examples of common IoT attacks, including looking at characteristics and indicators that could be used to help prevent, detect and respond to these attacks.  The session will also explore technologies and controls which can be leveraged to help mitigate the risk associated with these attacks.
1. An Intro to IoT risks
2. Review the different types of IoT attacks and escalation techniques
3. Demonstrations and examples of these attacks and techniques
4. Controls and technologies to combat IoT risks
5. Session Conclusion and Q&A

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