Summary notes Billy elliot

Purpose Present viewers with the realities of being different Changing pre-conceptions towards themes of gender and sexuality through a story of a young boy dealing with these issues Encourages acceptance and breaking free from stereotypes Links to ‘Into the World’ Young people have ability to rise against prejudice and overcome obstacles to become a success as they move into adulthood E. G. Billy reluctantly participating in boxing to please his father (obstacles) 0 naturally drawn to ballet which is contrasted to Tony’s violent, defiant character (e. Riot scene where Tony attempts to evade the police and Is captured and beaten) with Billy’s quiet and gentle persona to demonstrate different ways In which young people transition Into adulthood. Billy does not fit the male stereotype expected from the working class Love of music and dancing that separates him from other boys his age His dream is to possibly escape the angry, motherless family through Mrs.. Wilkinson suggestion for the Royal Ballet School. He responds to the loss of his mother with grief, opposing the angry, silent espouses of Tony and Jackie.
He experiences difficult situations for an eleven year old though responds with courage, passion and determination. This affirms Mrs.. Wilkinson advice that: “It’s not about what you know… It’s about how you move, how you express yourself,” Aftermath of Billy’s experiences of growing up and moving into the world are positive and negative Positive: Achieves his goal to be a dancer and surpass the restrictions of the congested town Negative: Criticism of schoolmates and family 0 must hide his passion from the world
The piano that belonged to Billy’s mother acts as a symbol of hope and escape for Billy E. G. Jackie yells at Billy to stop playing, foreshadowing the negative impact that his father’s anger will have on Billy in his search for beauty. E. G. When Jackie cuts up the piano for firewood on Christmas, Billy asks “Do you think she’ll mind? ” “Shut it Billy, she’s dead’. Here, the destruction of the piano symbolizes Billy’s destroyed hopes to escape through music and dance.

Music Main genre punk rock to capture feelings of angst and frustration towards poverty ND prejudice they experienced Upbeat pop rock is included when Billy succeeds creating tone of excitement e. G. Hiding the ballet shoes under the bed Non-dietetic music used to symbolism change in Billy e. G. Dancing through the streets with ballet slippers around his neck, paralleling previous images of him with boxing gloves similarly positioned, combined with uplifting music 0 change in attitude and direction in life for Billy. Dietetic music used to show Billy’s growing happiness e.

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Summary notes Billy elliot
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