Superstition as a Form of Uncanny Mysterious

This paper aims to explore the theme superstition as a form of uncanny mysterious happening that have been witnessed and continue to be witnessed in everyday of our lives. The expression ‘superstition’ is sometimes taken to be a simply mean an insult, which is, therefore, not vulnerable to objective meaning and it undoubtedly can be used in this manner.
However, when for instance we think through some occurrences that everyone would undoubtedly agree to call superstitious, making doves appear from nowhere, changing clothes to money, waving introvert magpies, saying ‘break a leg’, blowing on cards or dice before playing and rolling them, putting on a lucky t-shirt to a baseball match, we shall realize that in fact, they epitomize rather a close and easily clear group.
In the above case, the superstition explicitly or implicitly affirms a particular causative connection without comprehending any explanation of it workings. A candidate at an examination, who fails to express confidence because ‘it would bring a misfortune’ does not know of the ways by which, the curse would take effect.

Someone strolling at night and make a wish on a shooting star cannot tell who or what might hear his or her wish and make it come true. An entrepreneur who once made a bad fortune when there were thorn flowers in the room and who now rejects to have the same in his or her house has no philosophy as to why he or she thinks the thorn flowers are unfortunate, these are just but a few examples to go by. Many people fear the word when they hear someone affiliate with it because they think that it’s a source of evil work.
Indeed, if by any explanation there were evidences, the word ‘superstition’ would no longer seem particularly applicable.Introduction Superstition has had a significant influence in the lives of people probably since the beginning of the world. For centuries, human being have clung to the practices as well as, believes encompassing the uncanny phenomena.
The superstitious traditions have continued ever since time immemorial even after pieces of evidence being produced by the work of science to explain what was in the past considered supernatural. Superstitious rituals dating back in the middle ages are still witnessed in practice today. However, the kind of things in superstition like hitting on wood or having a horse shoe hanged at the door did not emanate just like that.
They were taken with great significance and were presupposed to have various consequences. Superstition, ad is denoted by the dictionary, thesaurus and oxford, is “excessively, credulous belief and reverence for the supernatural.” The belief was in no other time greater and excessive as in the middle age period’s where a simple blow on your face could send you to unknown destination, a simple sneeze could take someone’s life, and witches used broomsticks to fly around at night as well as conjuring spells were done by Jewish sorcerers.
The mysterious circumstances in those ancient periods, were put forth by the imaginations of our descendants. In these times, before science had its roots, simple happening were described as mysterious and supernatural. For instance, a simple shadow cast, probably at midnight during moonlight would be considered as a person’s reflection of their soul. Sounds at night were considered to be from ghosts and genies and this instilled lots of fear to the generation of the time.
There was the personification of natural phenomena in those days. The purpose of this paper is to discover the roots of the uncanny superstition, the beneficial use of it if any to people, the consequences and instances, why was it used and who were using it, the power of the this preternatural phenomenal, the various beliefs among others. The roots of superstitionSuperstition as far as we are concerned is said to have been there from the beginning of mankind.
Theories have been put forward to explain this unnatural phenomenon. Firstly, it is thought that superstition comes when a person’s desire is beyond their ability in what is called the implorative desire or mind. For instance, if a person is in dire need of a car or money and he or she has no means of obtaining it but then hears of an available psychic or witch somewhere who could make it possible for them to get what they wanted without any struggles.
This will eventually drive him or her to the psychic or the witch due to the strong desire and need. Secondly, a fearful mind is also said to be a root of superstition. For instance, a family that has experience consecutive death of their relatives would have some form of fear that would drive them to seek some wizard’s intervention for why has it been that there has been the same cause of death for all the relative of theirs. More stories such as this of repetitious and mysterious causes often results into some form of superstition.
As human beings, each and every one of us has their own fears as well as wishes. If the two happen to exist then it eventually and likely to lead to superstition unless there is some form of holy intervention in a person. No matter how a person may appear educated, if the mind is filled with a fear and wishes that are beyond their abilities then definitely they would become superstitious. It is natural that part of humans is filled with fear and greed, therefore, on their search for satisfaction and peace people tend to be reliant on their dark side, the superstitious power.
The law of Cause and EffectThis is consider to be the law of truth as well as natural concept that people do rarely think about. It is human nature that human beings always want to have the consequence that are disproportionate with the source like craving for something big outside their reach. Absence of self-confidence, uncontrollable wishes, as well as, worries are all what will make people become superstitious.
People ought to understand that it’s their deeds that cause all effect whether successful or not, rich or poor, either bad or good. Also they should understand no effect is coincidental, from nowhere, it takes diligence and clear mind to achieve. If we make good deeds then the end result is good if we make our deeds bad then there would be no good at the end of it all and such leads to superstitious being.
The superstition explicitly or implicitly affirms a particular causative connection without comprehending any explanation of it workings. A candidate at an examination, who fails to express confidence because ‘it would bring a misfortune’ does not know of the ways by which, the curse would take effect. It is worth noting that all things in life whether nice or wicked are not merely existent but comes from a cause that we made before (Kim 641-658).
Therefore, there is need for good causes in all our endeavors. The law of “cause and effect” varies from the current to the future life hence is not just an ordinary discipline of study. The big emphasis is that we should proudly as well as, courageously, accept the consequences of our deeds whether they are good or bad without any form of grief, fear or worries because they are what we have sown from the beginning. If we make the cause then even the effect is our end result as well and we should learnt to be responsible of our own self.
There is the aim to remain bright and thoughtful while making decision which is the cause so as we prepare for the best effects later that would be easy to accept. By understanding and making believe in the law of cause as well as, effect, we take control of our cause for the upcoming effect. We also make sure that we remain so thoughtful and smart while making our decisions. We are also encourage to keep our greed and fear thought in control as well, for us to be responsible for our deeds.
Our superstitious Mind
A lot of people can attest to have always had their lives threatened at some by the scare warning they were used to hear people say. Things like try as much to avoid encounters with black cats at night, don’t go under those sheds of trees or cabins at during late hours, every 13th day coinciding with Friday is a bad lack and so forth. Well, the fact is many believed this to be true and had really avoided such encounters and locked themselves in their houses just to make sure such myth are not part of their happenstances.
It is said that, these beliefs could happen too those who really and truly believe them to be true and the same is not the case for those who takes them as a mere scare (Vyse 467). However, some of these myth posed a positive effect to the people because they help to shape their behaviors, this is to say, and not all of these superstitious were negative. It was a way to make the mind believe on the wrongs to be avoided and the rights to be done.
Nevertheless, there are so many cultures around the world that have hold on to these beliefs to date. Are there certain things that make people to hold on to these beliefs? If yes, how do they perceive them? Are they really things they should hold on? And so forth. There are so many questions that would need answers that would be difficult to find, if we tried get into this and dig deeply. There are several and various extents of superstitions in the world we live in, that we keep hearing of.
In this extent, superstitions themselves can be from the smallest actions like people in a casino using simple trick to win money, and other actions that people certainly do to make them avoid back lack and increase their chances of getting what they want, to some big forms like disappearing from sight of audiences. So whether, trying to win, or wearing a lucky scarf and getting out of sight, all these can be considered to be superstitious things because they can never be performed by a normal human being.
Being mindful of what we do is a good way to avoiding unwanted consequences in future. A good human being, is one who learns from their past mistakes to make their future a better one than where they are from. The cause and effect is very helpful subject to understand and make good out of it.
Three Doors to Freedom from Superstitious Minds
How can we teach ourselves to be free from thought that might be superstitious?
Here are better ways to make our intentions right. First we need to understand the doors to our freedom. The emptiness is the first, having no desires is the second and the last is formlessness. Anyone who grasps these situations will have the intelligence see the real truth about every aspect in human existences.
These contain no arrangements because they are comprised of combination of various casual features. Based on cause all beings are called “hollowness” because of their illusory nature. If they have physical systems, then there is no blending. People ought to try and discover the actual form in the make-up. The professional have specified that it compromises of four components, air, the earth, and fire, as well as, water. Therefore, missing either of them, would degenerate the body.
And when either of them is the controlling or in other words, the dominant portion, our bodies become functionless. Another issue would be how they can be in line when there is a considerable amount of conflict between them? We therefore got the obligation balance them by having the right foods. Which of the considerations is the overriding in our heads? (Patil 411). It is the beliefs that we hold that give rise to either desirable or the undesirable natures that affect how we involve ourselves in the ways that are not permissive.
The three doors emphasized by the theory is the one good way that when observed would allow us to avoid all the thing that pre-occupy of heads with dirty stuffs which shifts our rightful thinking. The way we carry our burdens in our mind, by this is to mean the things that distract us in our everyday life determines how we release them back out to other people. A mind that keeps on wishing without coordinating the body to work hard will always have superstitious thoughts to fulfill the wishes.
All said and done, the next thing that can influence our thought to be evil are the people we keep around us. If we have friends who keep suggesting negative motives like stealing, fighting, causing chaos then we would always be driven to the dark side of thoughts. We therefore have to be very mindful of the close people we have because we never know there intentions towards us.Just as earlier mentioned, the big emphasis is that we should proudly as well as, courageously, accept the consequences of our deeds whether they are good or bad without any form of grief, fear or worries because they are what we have sown from the beginning.
If we make the cause then even the effect is our end result as well and we should learnt to be responsible of our own selfThe Power of SuperstitionThe phenomenon has been seen to cause more harm than good. Magician who have taken the upfront to using superstition are very capable of doing dangerous stuffs that are very destructive. For instance, we see them in our television performing scary of event that leave us holding our mouths.
Imagine if such a person decides to go bad, what harm they would be capable of. aSuperstition in Julius CaesarIn some ancient days, superstition was a significant perception in the Roman times, as it was the fueling force in uncountable actions of the people at the time. To them it was considered a historical believe. The phenomenon was seen as a strengthening factor with their gods. This is well brought up by a play by Shakespeare called Julius Caesar, named after the great ruler of the Romans at the time.
Superstition is used in the play repeatedly to foreshadow the death of the ruler by his friend Brutus who eventually as well, kills himself due to conscious guilt. Shakespeare expresses the awareness that many people tried to get the better of what the future held, such as ill-fated events, by being superstitious. This is exceptionally prominent in Julius Caesar, as it effects the day to day regular daily life of the Roman citizens.
From ghosts to half-naked and thonged men, nearly every individual had to deal with the uncanny, a mission that many seemed to take as life changing. In Julius Caesar, superstitious motives within the characters change their choices concerning life, revenge, and death (Beckett 17).This was a time in Roman when sex was a glorification and unfertile women would sought help to be able to procreate while, the fertile ones sought more children by use of superstition.
We see from the story that Caesar is approached by an old man by the name of Soothsayer who warns him of his coming death by “the ides of March,” through foretelling but Caesar ignores that by saying he is a dreamer and just as foretold, he is stubbed to death with among them being Brutus, close friend to him. Being a good friend to Caesar, Brutus was blindly lured by Cassius to plot to kill him which they did. Later on, a ghost of Caesar appears to Brutus assuring him that they would meet. Due to this form of superstition, Brutus thought he was meant to die and he took his own life as a result.
All This are all instances of superstitions at the time. It also shows how significantly superstition changed the actions of the characters together with how it affected their lives (Chibnall & McFarlane 252).Superstition as a Survival MechanismAs long as superstition is regarded to be involving dark magic and mysterious power it has been of benefit to others mostly in the ancient days where it was used for protection and security to guard against possible enemies. As depicted in various movies and films today, the same was the case though not as exaggerated as such.
A lot of people use some ritual emulate to help them do better in what they are working on. They feel that it gives them a boost to motivate them and increase their confidences. Personal superstitious way of thinking is another mechanisms people use to think in some manner that prepares someone to get defense from displeasure, heartbreaks and disappointment. In this regard, the old traditions and cultures use superstitious powers to guard their communities from attack.
Possible attackers may never locate their allies in their attempt for an attack also, the same was use by witches to escape when they become hunted down. They would either disappear or make their enemies lose track of them by somehow using their black magic on them and as a result they would be safe. However, due to human nature, some of this was used in the wrong way like making people suffer for no good reason. Also some would use their so called “super powers” to steal from other without having being notice thereby causing loss of property. Those who have been said to use the phenomenon as a means to survive have also been using it to influence factors to their benefit.
If for instance, a bank is demanding payment from such people and they don’t have any cash to settle out the loans, they would use paper and make these look like real money then give it to the former who might not even notice. This is just to emphasize that magic and superstition go hand in hand and whatever reason it is used for then there can never be the right form of it because it has had more bad than goodConclusionIn conclusion, this phenomenon called superstition is an influence that is destructive in our society, which, has twisted many people who are worried and nervous, lack of self-confidence, and have a dull thoughts as well as, evil mind.
To wish for a healthy society, we can’t accept superstition. We have a duty to spread and share the good teachings about self-confidence, of self-emancipation as well as, clarification. So how can we be superstitious? Though, there are many people who will suggest their groups to seek God’s interventions when they have problems of any nature. It doesn’t matter how many problems there are, there will always be a better way to solve them all.

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