Swot Analysis And 4p For Vanilla

Then, about the methods, it will show you how can I collect the data and where did I gather the information. Findings part will show how the Vanilla promote their brand through their marketing mix. It will include two possible marketing mix for the product that how can they expanse and open more franchise in foreign countries. Next, the discussion part which contains bad points and good points of Vanilla if they want to expanses or open franchise in foreign countries and also assess the effectiveness of the research. Lastly, the conclusion will summaries all the ideas, thoughts, research and results come out. 1. 0 Introduction
The research and interview conducted to find out the marketing mix of Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company also known as Vanilla is a company that produces and trades products that made from milk. According to the UN Development Program, it is the 1 5th largest company in Vietnam. The company is the leading enterprises of the milk processing industry and currently holds 75% ownership of the milk market in Vietnam. They have a strong distribution network in Vietnam with 183 distributes and nearly 94000 sales covered all 64 regions. Vanilla products are even exported to America, France, Canada, Poland, Germany, the Middle West and
Southeast Asia. Vanilla produce variety types of product (milk, yoghurt, caramel) that made by milk which suitable for different group of people. As the famous milk company, Vanilla has a lot of competitors, especially HTH True Milk – a new milk company but get a lot of attention because of putting collagen into milk which the third part 3. 0 Research Findings will tell more about it. The key success factor of Vanilla is the smart way of create and using strategies. This report will find out two possible marketing mix include SOOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities,

Threats) and outline the ups (Place, Product, Price, Promotion) and I believe that v name K NAS a inclement marketing mix to Decode stressful. 2. 0 Methods SOOT analysis will help emphasize exactly what Vanilla is doing correctly or incorrectly as a milk company, because a SOOT analysis allows the operators of the business to outline the internal and external factors that affect the operation of it. All the information such as the SOOT analysis of Vanilla and their competitor researched on the internet and two businesses was interviewed of what they thought about the marketing mix of Vanilla Company. 0 Research Findings Firstly, Vanilla has a number of competitors, the most prominent is HTH True Milk which is quite new brand that use a high quality cow milk and now they have produce a new kind of milk that contains collagen which attract a lot of women at the age of 30 – 50. Their strength is that they use modern technology techniques such as cows in their farm listen to ballad music and eat fresh grass every day to ensure a higher quality of product. They believe that it will make the milk to be more fresh and delicious.
This is first brand which claim that they use 100% of pure cow milk so hen the customer hear the word “Pure Milk”, they think of HTH True Milk – they succeed in the area that makes a good brand to customers. They have a lot of their own stores that design to attract customers. In addition, they have great ideas of putting collagen into milk that no brands have thinking about that before. The only weakness of HTH True Milk is that they do not have a large range of product, they only focus on the milk so that their market still weak compare to Vanilla where produce a lots kind of products made by milk.
Marketing Mix (1) of Vanilla for milk market in Vietnam: Strength: They have a strong brand that produce diverse product made from milk and a competitive prices so they can gain trust and attract more customer. They also have a large market share, it’s about 75% all over. Moreover, they have a good relationship with their partners that create a good image in partners. Good management plus marketing team have an expert experience is a important thing that make their brand today. * Weakness: At the beginning, they started everything at Ho Chi Mini City, s until today, almost marketing activities mainly concentrate in the South of Vietnam.
Another problem is that they only focus in Vietnam market. * Opportunities: They have the government’s preferential policies and also take part in the WTFO which they can have a lot of advantages in market expansion and business experience. * Threats: Vanilla is unstable economy but the political situation in the world even more unstable. Also they have a lot of competitors in milk market. About their ups: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Place: This is where people going to by the product so Vanilla need to choose the suitable place for their stores Product: What good and different of their products
Detente ten competitors. Price: Price Is a major problem. I en price need to sultan for Vietnamese people Promotion: The promotion strategic will help attract customer to buy. Place Price I * More than 125000 retail stores. * Almost stores place in the city centre where have a lot of people. * Freezers, coolers, cold car investment also expended to demand growth of yoghurt. * In 2008, Vanilla has invested more than 7000 freezers, coolers for cold distribution system and 300 trucks for distributors. * Develop quality and distribution system in order to gain more market share in rural areas and small towns.
I * Adjust price so it suitable with the income of employee. * Have a lot of sales period. * Increase milk volume in anniversary days. I Product I Promotion I * All products of Vanilla provide full range of vitamins and minerals essential for health and development of the whole family. * Develop the brand to become the nutritional science and most reliable brand in Vietnam through strategic application of scientific on nutritional needs for people. * Expending more value product in order to improve the rate of return for the whole company. * Have more than 200 reduces.
I * Promoting product widely through TV, internet, newspaper. * Regular change the content and forms of advertising. * Sales promotion * Experience employees. * Donation (drink milk can donate to poor people) I Marketing Mix (2) of Vanilla for expand or open franchise in foreign countries * Strengths: Being unique brand for using material from Vietnam. The price of products for people in foreign countries is quiet cheap. Also, Vanilla have a wide relationship and they create a really good image in them. * Weakness: New brand. Nothing special or different from other product.
Opportunities: Gain more knowledge about business skills and experiences. Also create more relationship between other countries and trust in foreign customer. Threats: More other popular milk brand from other countries which can be big obstacle in pathway becomes successful of Vanilla. * City Centre * Develop in small town * Place where Vietnamese people gather. I *Cheap * Sales I Product I Promotion I * Material from Vietnam * A range of product that suitable for everyone. I *TV, radio, newspaper, visual-ad * Sales * To introduce more about Vietnamese product to New Zealand people I . Discussion The two marketing mix help the Vanilla to become more success because of the smart strategies and competitive advantages: Vanilla is the leader of dairy milk market In Valetta. Nils Is trust EAI t Drain In ten mall AT Vietnamese people Tort ten last 34 years. Also, they have extensive distribution network located national widely and continued to expand more in the future. A range of modern factories located throughout Vietnam that helps to reduce transportation expenses and a system of machinery and equipment- being improved and expended every year.
I have interview two other business people which also work in milk market about what they think which marketing mix is the best for Vanilla and why? I Which marketing mix? I Why? I Businessman 1 | Marketing mix (1) | Vanilla can easily become successful with marketing mix (1) because they already a top leader of milk market in Vietnam. They just have to try hard not to lose their popular within a lot of competitors. I Businessman 2 | Marketing Mix (1) | The marketing mix (2) is quite hard for Vanilla to success because the foreign market have a lot of popular brand which
Vanilla is not deserve to become their competitor. I Lastly, Vanilla have the management and marketing team with deep experience in dairy business and production. The only weakness that I see for Vanilla is they Just focus within Vietnam and all the activities mainly happened in the South of Vietnam. 5. 0 Conclusion To conclude, throughout the research above, although the weakness of Vanilla is only focus on the Vietnam market but the marketing mix is really success. They know what is their strength and weakness so that they can improve to be better.

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Swot Analysis And 4p For Vanilla
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