SWOT Analysis for Leadership role in Logistics

 SWOT Analysis

Write complete and well-formed sentences (syntax). 

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SWOT Analysis for Leadership role in Logistics
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Ensure zero errors in grammar and spelling.  Paper needs to be professional and organized in an easy to read format. 

If sources are included, format per APA 6th Edition.  https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

In completing the analysis (template) write at least 4 bullet points for each component in the SWOT. Each bullet point is related to a leadership role, whether current or future. Note: Each bullet point has to be written using full sentences.

Strengths:  How do your personality strengths benefit you in a leadership role?

Weaknesses: What potential weaknesses in your personality or temperament, character, approach to conflict, and/or attitude may impact a leadership role?

Opportunities: What opportunities could you take advantage of, based on your strengths that you provided in the above section of this template?

Threats: What external or unexpected threats may impact your leadership, including how you could use your strengths that would guard against these threats?

Reflection: Write what you found most interesting about writing your SWOT analysis assignment two  to three paragraph 200 words .

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