“Take the Elevator!” ( respond to kim please)

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts by comparing your responses to their own. Extend their thinking by offering possible implications for teaching they may have overlooked. 

Kim Spiegel

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“Take the Elevator!” ( respond to kim please)
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What are the rules are for standing in the elevator? Where do people stand when there are only two or three people? What happens when a fourth person enters the elevator.

The rules are that people need to remain standing at all times, so there is enough room in the elevator for everyone.  The people in the elevator must remain at least 2 feet apart so that everyone has some personal space.  If there are only 2 or 3 people then there can be 3 ft or more.  Once the fourth person enters the elevator people will need to abide by the 2 ft apart rule

How would you feel if there were two people on the elevator and a third person entered and stood right next to you?

If there were only 2 people on the elevator and the third person stood right next to me I would probable move over in order to get more space.

What happens when the elevator becomes more crowded and there are now four or more people?

 If there are 4 or more people on the elevator I would ask everyone to make room and try to space themselves out as much as possible so that everyone can maximize the amount of space they have.

How close will people stand? What is allowed to “touch?”

People will need to stand as close as possible to allow everyone in the elevator.  Nothing is allowed to touch if possible.  

What do people look at in a crowded elevator?

People look at the ceiling of the elevator or each other.

When is it permissible to talk to the other people?

People are allowed to talk to each other at any time, but only one person may speak so others do not have to talk over someone else.
My answer to question one was different.  I did not ask the people in the elevator to lean against the wall, but to just provide enough space so that everyone has their own bubble.  I didn’t feel like the people in the elevator needed to be told exactly where to stand, but to just allow for room.
In question three again I did not feel like I needed to tell others how to hold their briefcases and where to stand.  Since I didn’t know these people they may not have responded well to me telling them how they needed to stand in an elevator.
In question 5 I think that people are interested in other people and when I am in an elevator with people I do not know I look at them.  I do not stare at them, but I find people interesting so I may look.  When i do not want to be bothered I look at the ceiling until the elevator stops.
In question 6 I am very outgoing and sometimes I like to strike up a conversation about the weather or just engage in small talk.  I wouldn’t be loud, but I might smile or talk to my neighbor.

(I will message you my work, so you can compare it)

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