Tap Water vs. Bottled Water

Please read the following articles located in the Rasmussen Library:

Crane, C. (2011). NUTRITION: Bottled VS. Tap. Scholastic Choices, 27(3), 10-12. Link to article.

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Tap Water vs. Bottled Water
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Lee, M., & Warhol, T. (2016). Bottled Water: An Overview. Points Of View: Bottled Water, 1.Bottled water: An overview. Link to article. <insert link to
Tucker, M., & Sprague, N. (2016). Point: Bottled Water is the Healthy Alternative. Points Of View: Bottled Water, 2. Link to article.
Sexton, J., & Morley, D. C. (2016). Counterpoint: Bottled Water is a Wasteful Use of Limited Resources. Points Of View: Bottled Water, 3. Link to article.
Viscusi, W. K., Huber, J., & Bell, J. (2015). THE PRIVATE RATIONALITY OF BOTTLED WATER DRINKING. Contemporary Economic Policy, 33(3), 450-467. doi:10.1111/coep.12088. Link to article.
White, S. (2015). Water contaminants in the U.S. provide opportunities. Water Technology, 38(4), 48 Link to article.

Many people prefer bottled water and still other people prefer tap.

For this week’s discussion we focus on this same issue. Considering federal regulations, how is tap water regulated differently than bottled water? Why may FDA regulations be inadequate to guarantee the quality of bottled water? Do you prefer bottled water to tap water and why?

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