Teaching for Transformation

Guiding Questions

What is Reality Pedagogy and what implications does it have for teaching and learning?
What roles do the Five C’s play in Reality Pedagogy
How do teaching and schooling empower some students and disempower others?
What is the “culture of power” and what are its effects?
What effects can a teacher’s beliefs/ideologies have on teaching, learning, and schools?
In what ways do these readings connect with your experience of teaching and learning? 

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Teaching for Transformation
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Before attending to this week’s readings, think about the questions above. Much like you would do a K-W-L Chart with your students; determine what you KNOW about the topic and what you WANT to KNOW about the topic. Your R2R Post will indicate what you LEARNED about this week’s content. Refer to the R2R details and the success criteria outlined in the Syllabus.

Emdin: Moving Beyond the Boat
Website: Interview with Emdin (Links to an external site.)  https://slate.com/human-interest/2016/04/an-interview-with-chris-emdin-author-of-for-white-folks-who-teach-in-the-hood.html  
Delpit: Silenced Dialogue
Gorski: Poverty and the Ideological Imperative
Ukpokodu: Essential Characteristics of a Culturally Conscientious Classroom

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