Technology in the classroom

Technology in the classroom is helpful in many situations. Internet access through personal laptops given to students is both good and bad, but the good weighs out the bad in all situations. Technology helps students to get more information, go over things as many times as needed, and so much more. Teachers also benefit from this in many ways, such as keeping up to date, improve the delivery of lessons, and provide specific instructional plans based on individual student needs. These are just a few reasons technology is a good thing to have in the classroom.
For example, some teachers state that technology is very important for students to have, like this grade school teacher. “The computer has been an empowering tool to the students. They have a voice and it’s not in any way secondary to anybody else’s voice. It’s an equal voice. So that’s incredibly positive. Motivation to use technology is very high.” (-Elementary school teacher.) This teacher agrees that students enjoy this and it has a very positive effect on motivating these young people in our schools’ today.
In addition to this, “Technology use allows students to create, problem solve, research, collaborate, and interact globally. Students that use technology as a tool and or a support for communicating with others are in an active role rather than the passive role of recipient of information by a teacher or reading textbooks.” (- Also, “Teachers in learner-oriented environments can motivate their students by acknowledging their achievements in class. When they are not in class, such as before they take an exam or during a holiday break, teachers can post inspirational messages or praise students on the course forum.” (- Elaine J. Dispo, the author, also agrees that this can help the students by giving them motivation. As you can tell, These people agree in the fact that technology has a good effect on students.

Some people believe that having technology in the classroom is a bad idea because some students abuse the freedom. “Technology has made it so that virtually any student can be a good student without any effort at all. In our day and age, the key to success within the classroom has become being able to search Google or download the right apps. Now, with the right apps a C student can easily become an A student without becoming any smarter.” (- To counter this statement, high school dropout rates have decreased significantly in the past years. Students have more resources on the internet than they do with just a textbook and a teacher. Therefore proving that technology is a helpful factor in high school classrooms.

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