ted talk annotation essay

Requirements of this assignment:
1) Watch a TED Talk. or another ~20-minute educational video lecture.
2) Annotate the resource, using a common citation format (doesn’t matter which one, but you must have all of the information necessary for us to find it). No urls. Use Easybib. or another web-based resource if nothing else.
Your “notes” in the annotation must be directed at answering two questions:
A) What was/were the speakers’ main points, using 2-3 examples? Use the transcript to identify the appropriate timestamp – these can be used in-text (ex. 5:15), or as a footnote.
B) How might this talk connect to topics or issues we have focused , or will focus, on? topic is related to: Geography of the western world
(any of the content, module headings, skills, or the larger issues about education or life on the planet more generally)
3) Evaluate the resource. What was compelling about it? Did it change your understanding about something? How and why, or why not? Did it have anything to do with material or ideas from our class? Did you get interested in the story? Was it an effective talk/video from a performance and public speaking perspective? Would you recommend it to your classmates, peers, anybody?

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ted talk annotation essay
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