TERM PAPER management class DUE DEC 8, 2017

Hi I need a term paper to be done latest Dec 8 ,2017

APA format

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TERM PAPER management class DUE DEC 8, 2017
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At least 12 sources/references (at least 2 are from respected journals or books)

4000 words

All cited sources must appear both within the body of the text and in the Reference list

Topic: Lee Kuan Yew – A leader that defined a nation

Seek to creatively apply leadership theory. The paper work must be more than a mere review of facts and articles. It must demonstrate reasoning, by applying at least three relevant theories and models together to analyze the topic. 

Here is a suggested outline:
ABSTRACT — Limit to one page
INTRODUCTION — Short! Explain why the topic is important! Include objectives of the paper.
ANALYSIS  — Apply the models; make inferences, draw conclusions.
DISCUSSION  — Discuss the implications of your findings above, especially for managers.
CONCLUSION – Restate your conclusions and sum up, in about one half page
APPENDICES  (optional)

***Important note: Applies leadership theories including:
1/ Transformational Leadership
2/ Servant leadership
3/ Leadership ethics (Attitudes, Morals, & Ethics)
4/ Participative Leader
Applies more theories if you can find that relates to Lee Kuan Yew

Due: Dec 8, 2017
Budget: $90USD

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