The Business Case

The Business Case (Plan Wedding)
The project plan is initiated to provide the groom and the bride with a legal wedding with the most memorable experience, and also make all the people available happy given a budget of $15,000, a timeline of six months, and 200 invited guests.

In the Week 1 readings, you’ll find an article titled “How To Write a Business Case – 4 Steps to a Perfect Business Case Template (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.”. While there is no set business case template, per se, you should follow a general format according to the instructions.
Include in your business case these elements:

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The Business Case
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The title of the project
A description of the project
A definition of the problem
Options and Justification for Preferred Project
Key human resources involved, including the project manager
Schedule, scope, and budget
Cost/benefit analysis (this can be estimated). Why is this project worth the effort and what are the risks?
Additional resources needed for this project

Keep in mind that there are generally three options when evaluating a business case. One is to maintain status quo. Another is Alternative Project 1. The case you will be making is for the Preferred Project, so highlight why it is so important.
A good way to approach this is to provide headings for each section. This assignment should be in essay format, 3-4 pages in length, using APA style guidelines, so simply providing a list is not sufficient. You can find business case templates in Google Docs if you wish to use one.

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