The Definition and Examples of Public Order Perspective

The public order perspective is defined as the belief that under certain circumstances involving criminal threats to public safety, the interests of society should take precedence over individual rights.  In layman’s terms means that the safety of themany outweighs the rights of a single individual.  I identify more with what our textbook calls the individual-rights perspective because I personally believe that the safety of society should come before the personal rights of one person. 
A good example would be the Transportation Security Administration, also known in the airports as TSA, they identify potential security risks by observing the behavior of travelers as they move through terminal areas and check the baggage of all passengers that are traveling through said terminal. 
The opposition argues that the TSA violates the fourth amendment,which states “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and thepersons or things to be seized.” 

Many believe that they shouldn’t have to remove their shoes, belts and have to go through some type of scanning machine because they believe that they have a right to privacy and shouldn’t have to be searched to board an airplane or a train. I believe that the safety of the public should always come before the rights of certain individuals,especially when it comes to something as critical and important as the safety of other passengers in a place such as an airport or a train station.
People might believe that it’s violating their fourth amendment when they pat you down or make you go into a metal detector but in the end they are doing what is in the best interest of the public and keeping the public safe from any imminent danger.  It only takes one catastrophic event like the September 11th attacks for the general public to understand the need for safety measures. 
TSA drastically increased their security measures and protocol in order to keep another terrorist attack from happening.  As the events of September 11th become a distant memory people become impatient with the safety measures that TSA has implemented and opposition comes to the forefront of media. Another example of when the safety of the public is put in front of someone’s personal beliefs is the issue of gun control. 
Most people believe that having a right to bear arms is an American given right as explained by the 2nd Amendment and should never be taken away or controlled.  But the justice system is trying to reduce the acts of violence in our society and by trying suppress the sale and trade of guns and ammunition. 
With all of the violence events in society today, whether it’s at a school shooting or a movie theater shooting, congress is trying to reduce gun violence in America,while at the same time,preserving the second Amendment rights of the individual.  In the end guns will still be sold whether it is legal or illegal but with a tighter leash around gun control, I believe that less tragedies will occur in our society because at that point it will be more difficult for people to obtain a gun.

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The Definition and Examples of Public Order Perspective
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