The Definition of Friendship and Its Benefits

Sometimes, at a certain moment in one’s life, he or she may find someone who can support and change his or her life; even just a little bit. It is a pleasure to have someone who would stay there all the time not only to share happiness, success, and wealth, but also to share all the depression, sadness, danger and failure.
That person is called a friend – a true friend. “Friend” – as stated by dictionary – is a person whom one knows, likes and trust. “Ship” is the state or condition of having or being which can be added to many other common words lead to sharing; such as partnership, friendship, workmanship, etc. “Friendship” is the state of being a friend; association as friends. Howerver, in my opinion, these definitions are just some ideas that give people the general information. I believe everyone has their own definition for “friendship”.
According to me, friendship is something that belongs to the spirit aspect of life. It is comfortable and easy to share some secrets with friends, other than with the adults or parents; because with some people, especially teenagers, friendship is always the closest relationship. In most cases, friendship exists between people who have similar hobbies, personality, and beliefs, etc. Therefore, they understand each other clearly. True friends support each other spirit, give as well as receive, and as human we can be proud to be seen with.

In any relationship, give/get is always the most important principle. Also in friendship, because it is a nonprofit exchange among equal people in a group. No one is only giving or only getting in a friendship. Otherwise, it would be a profitable and unemotional relationship. Giving something to someone means that we value and love them, and receiving something means that we are loved and treasured. Sometimes, not all true friendships are positive; there are some negative true friends that we need to be aware of also.
In many cases, people figure out that friends have more effect on the development of their personalities rather than their family members. Because most of the time, they are around their friends – at school, after school, and on the weekend. Therefore, we are naturally and unaware assimilated to our friends.
However, there are some people push themselves to be assimilated to their friends – to become “normal” in that group. If our friends have bad personalities, we should start to think about our own personalities then. As an old Russian proved says, “When you live close to the graveyard, you can’t weep every funeral.” In our lives, there are many things that come and go easily, quickly and fragile as a puff of smoke; easily shattered like a sand castle against the screaming waves.
There is only the strong and stable relationship that can overcome all the storms. There is only true and believable and nonprofit friendship that can make up the foundation, the root of all the joyfulness and happiness. And there is nothing more amazing than having the best of the best friends on the Earth who understand and support ourselves.

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The Definition of Friendship and Its Benefits
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