The Disadvantages of Smoking in Facilities

The Disadvantages of Smoking in Facilities A decade ago, it wasn’t unusual to see people smoking in public buildings. It seemed that everywhere people went there were countless chain-smokers lighting up cigarettes in public facilities where the smoke consumed anything in its path. Presently, there has been a policy around the nation that has canceled out the bad habit of smoking in public buildings’. This has removed the common issue of an untidy, reeking fire hazard waiting to happen.
I couldn’t be happier with the idea of walking into a room and not dealing with the sight of ashtrays piled in every corner, and the walls drenched in brown tar. As a child I remember flinching at the thought of going out to dinner with my family and being seated in the smoking section if the smoke free section was full. I hated sitting down after someone who just finished smoking in the area where I wanted to enjoy my meal. Most times I would wait for my family to finish dinner so I could take my meal home.
The inconvenience had me irritated when all I wanted was a stress free night out. But, the appearance of a public place was the least of my problems. From what I can remember, the dreadful part about being a non-smoker in a smoking environment was being trapped in the stench. It didn’t matter how hard I tried to get away from cigarette smoke the odor would follow. In my opinion, the smell of cigarettes comes close in comparison of spoiled eggs left out in the sun. Which caused my eye’s to water and my stomach to become upset.

Imagine that smell leaking onto your clothes and having to wear it around for the rest of the day. I never understood why someone wanted to inhaled something that smelled so horrible, and have non-smokers around them to suffer at their caught? Not only is the smell of cigarettes harmful and disgusting to nonsmokers. Allowing people to smoke inside buildings is unsafe. I’ve even witnessed a cigarette to start burning 72 hours after being put out. If someone isn’t careful they can leave a cigarette to re-burn in an astray and cause a fire.
I personally don’t want to be put in a situation where my life is in someone else’s hands. It’s scary to think that something as small as a cigarette can burn down a whole forest. Whether someone smokes or not, a policy causing public buildings to become smoke free is a good idea. Smokers might not be able to enjoy a cigarette while inside a public facility, but it wouldn’t limit them from smoking at all instead of doing it in someone else’s expense. It also eliminates the negative feedback that non-smokers would have concerning their health or safety.

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The Disadvantages of Smoking in Facilities
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