The impact of Christian Religious Education

The context of studying religious in a society such as ours, Christian religious educations give me the opportunity to learn from religion (Christian religion) in an organized Manner.
From my perspective, Christian religious education aims to support and develop my religious identity by giving me the opportunity to participate at Christian religious practices. Religious education like Christianity involves religious practices such as praying, caring for others, and dealing with the challenges of life.
In these practices I see Christian religious education as an inspirational reality of God’s teaching; the only reliable tool that I rely on in the time of difficulties and challenges. The concepts of God, creation, redemption, or eternity are concepts that are difficult to understand unless with faith and the teaching of Christian religious education.

From this standpoint, progress in Christian religious education refers to my participation at religious practices in a more proficient way. The aim of this paper is to get a clear view on the significance of studying Christian Religious Education and its impact on me as an individual.
Growing up as a Kid
As a kid growing up I attended Catechism classes (first Holy Communion and Confirmation), as far as going to the seminary (Catholic seminary) after my graduation from high school. I attended catechism classes and was taught the Catholic doctrines and other Christian beliefs.
Therefore, Christian religious education has impacted my life and my personal growth. Consequently, learning through religious education enables me to:
Develop my knowledge and deepen my understanding of the Christian faith, especially my Catholic faith and other Christian beliefs. It helps me understand the relevance of the Catholic faith and the meaning of life. It fosters the values, attitudes and practices which are well-suited with my faith as Christian. Christian religious education develops my skills of reflection, critical thinking, and how to act in accordance when making moral decisions. It nurtures my prayer life as an individual.
It helps me understand and appreciate significant aspects of other Christian traditions such as observing lent, the practice of station of the cross and advent season. The observance of all of these makes a positive difference to my Christian life and put my beliefs and values into action.
The Influence of Christian Religion Education on me
The impact of Christian religious education on me is that it transfers Christian moral values and norms to me as person or individual growing up to become responsible and appreciating myself and others. It teaches me the actual duty of a Christian and acquaints me with religious practices and obedience to authorities in the neighborhood, homes, state and in the universal society.
Christian religious education helps me to develop the knowledge and understanding of Christianity and especially, the catholic doctrine. Christian religious education specially the catholic doctrine have taught me some religious norms and it values and has encouraged me to learn from various religious beliefs, values and culture while at the same time, focusing my own beliefs regarding my religion.
My study at the seminary and catechism classes has also help me to be mature personally and socially as well as refining my judgments and decisions on religious, moral and social issues, preparing me for life in a secular society.
During my time in primary school I can clearly recall that Christian
religious education in the context of catholic religious teachings popularly known as “doctrine” in catholic schools was a compulsory subject for us. It was mandatory subject, not an optional one.
In fact anyone who could not pass doctrine in St. Francis high school (Pleebo, Maryland County) is assumed not to be able to do well or pass other subjects. As the result, Christian religious education gave me a stronger sense of my identity and it made me to know my place in the world that I live in through Christian religious and ethical teaching.
Christian Religious education guides me through my spiritual journey. It motives me and helps me been focus on my spiritual life. If I don’t understand what I am implementing in my life, then I will end up losing focus in my Christian activities.
Christian Religious education aids me in instructing me how to understand the existence of God and how to obey his commands. Christian Religious education assists me in keeping me from doing the wrong things and repeating the same mistakes over and over again.
It instructs me to obey authorities and follow the teaching of the scriptures, so that I may teach the little one or my own kids the ways of life of my religion (Christian) and how to follow it teachings. Encourages me to look more into what I accept as true and reflect on that spiritual knowledge. It helps me understand the Word of God as expressed in the Christian scriptures and especially the teachings of the Catholic Church. And considering how situations can affect the way that I understand things in my lives and the world around me. Reflecting on the Catholic beliefs that my life has meaning, therefore, the essence of Christian religious education is to help me to value the teachings of the scriptures and that which God reveals in our lives.
It helps me recognize such knowledge and understand issues which are never fully realized except in actual relationships with the scripture (God) or teaching of Christian religion education. It helps me truly develop and engage common issues in concrete actions.
Why Christian Religion Education Matters to me?
Christian Religious education makes a distinctive contribution to my well-being. It promotes my moral, social and above all my spiritual, development. It prepares me for societal challenges and future responsibilities. Religion and beliefs inform our values and are reflected in what we say and how we behave. Christian Religious education try to explain or give meaning to challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, and the nature of reality, issues of right and wrong and what it means to be human. It develops my knowledge and understanding of the nature of religion and belief including Christianity, and other principal religious issues, such as the TRINITY, (three persons in one God).
God the FATHER, God the SON and God the HOLY SPIRIT, philosophy that are difficult to understand. Christian religious education offers me the opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development. It enhances my awareness and understanding of Christianity and beliefs, teachings and practices. Christian religious education had impacted my life, to be more precise, it helps me to understand issues of faith and the existence of God. There are things I cannot do because of my beliefs and faith.
I cannot take away human life, because I have value for other and the life of people. I cannot encourage abortion or homosexual arts.
Taking away other life is murder, murder is a crime. Christian religious education, specially my doctrine (catholic doctrines) forbids that. And Christian religious educations help enhance and foster my beliefs. Therefore, my value of God is deepening.
Christian religious education today is vital. As the issue of extremism emerges, I begun to wonder how these people lost their moral direction and they have turn against society in the name of religion. One might want to look to their religion as one aspect of what shaped their thinking.
Instead of judge them; I extend forgiveness, because my religion (Christianity) teaches me how to forgive. After all, Christ said in the Bible “he who is without sin should cast the first stone.”
Christian religious education is priceless. Christian religion offer open debate about all moral and ethical points of view. It is open to free debate, unlike other religions which forbids open discussion of some critical issues.
In order to combat ignorance, Christian religious educations enlighten my mind. It causes me to act as detects by the scripture or my doctrine.
The reason a society falls is its lack of morality. Christian religious education taught me about morality, ethics and to love others, even if they don’t act very loving toward me.
The skills, understanding and knowledge acquired from Christian religious education during my seminary and catechism class’s days, couple with my Christian ethics class at AMEU is very necessary. They help to broaden my knowledge and positively sharp my thinking to be mature in my attitudes.
Christian religious educations help me to be open minded, value for others and self understanding. Experiencing self-assurance about my own beliefs and identity and increasing my perception of my religious, moral and spiritual ideas.
In conclusion to this paper, I will say Christian religious education from all angle and from all area of society has shown without any doubt its significance on me as individual and society cannot be ignored.
Christian Religious Education has prove to make available openings for spiritual expansion in the course of helping me to think about and act in response to questions of meaning and function in life, and questions about the s existence of God and morals in human society; to consider and react to critical issues especially issues of morality and real challenges of life.
This has helped me to make clear and knowledgeable decision on religious and moral issues. Our society today is face with many moral issues, such as same sex marriage know as gay marriage and the issue of abortion. Christian religious education has helped to develop my sense of character and belonging, preparing me for life as individual in society.
It gives me consciousness and understanding of my beliefs, including practices and values of Christianity. Christian Religious Education is a tool that strengthen my ethical attitude and values, including choices and behavior and my believed toward abortion, drugs and homosexuality.

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