The Negatives Of Genetic Engineering

The term “genetic engineering” was first coined by Jack Williamson in is science fiction novel Dragon’s Island, published in 1 951 ,one year before Dona’s role in heredity was confirmed by Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase, and two years before James Watson and Francis Crick showed that the DNA molecule has a double-helix structure, DNA stands for (desorbing cultic acid). For many years, there has been a controversy surrounding the morality of genetic modifying organisms.
Some it’s unethical since it may lead to side effects such as mutation, others say it’s totally acceptable since it can make a stronger healthier and smarter organism. I tryingly believe that genetic engineering should be banned for multiple reasons such as religion, morals, physical attributes and crossing species boundaries. In every country there is different religions and these religions have different views. One of these views are on genetic engineering, whether it is acceptable or not modifying genes.
God created us human not perfect so why do we want to reach perfection when it is not a human trait. Other people who lack faith will tell you humans seek perfection it’s in their nature so it’s k modifying genes, but if we reached perfection what do we have to seek, we loud be perfect and lose our touch of humanity. Is genetic engineering ethical to do, children who are made with specific genes are produced for one specific reason and it is to help another person medically in other words they are made for being spare for the specific person.

In my sister’s keeper a book about a girl who was a genetically modified to help her dying sister from cancer for 12 years she was used as a spare for her sister and when they wanted to take a kidney, she took matter in her own hands and sued her parents for emancipation. So it is not moral or right to bring a person just to be spare. Although other people will contradict and say that by doing so they are saving lives, but they don ;t think of the lives they are destroying .
Gene modifying is not a 100% accurate, it has many mishaps one of the mishaps is a chronic disease which happened in 2001 at a reproductive facility in new jersey were thirty babies who are genetically modified and have genes of three different people, two women and a man some of these thirty children had turners syndrome and turners syndrome happens to one in very 2500 baby and in thirty babies it occurred more than twice is alarming. There people contradict that genetic modification has many benefits, like it increases polymorphism but what about mutations that occur in the children that born. Are they supposed to live with disabilities because some scientists wanted to play god. What about modifying genes to create a new species, are we ready to see a new type of species walking around with us, scientists are talking about a new kind of humans that have the outer look of humans and the abilities of animals, do we want a human tiger that may be aggressive and be a hazard to other normal humans?

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The Negatives Of Genetic Engineering
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