The Pamplona Bull Run: Danger Bull’s Eye!

Bull’s Eye! Each year from the 7th to the 14th of July, people gather from all around the world in Pamplona, Spain for an appalling event- the Pamplona Bull Run, I think this event Is truly awful because every year, lives are taken from not only the experienced older runners, but also from the inexperienced young teenagers. As you will have guessed by now, the Pamplona Bull Run is indeed a dangerous event with many injuries and even deaths every single year.
The most dangerous element for the runners are the slippery cobbles (besides the bulls of course). These can cause pile ups being the ultimate death trap for the runner since everybody is hysterically trying to squeeze past. Surely there are ‘policemen and nurses present but once the race has begun, they’re unable to help out because they’re mainly behind the unstable barricades, controlling the chaotic masses. Their presence does not mean safety, it’s Just to show that they are there and to make everything seem safe, when actually, nothing Is safe.
Could you imagine that anybody is allowed to Join this event? Even the young and Immature college kids who have been ‘drinking all night-they’re basically dead meat. You couldn’t possibly succeed running against a bull for the first time, it’s like throwing a 2 year old baby into a pool without floaties. The experienced runners should still be scared though. They are ‘armed’ with rolled up newspapers to stop the angry, charging bulls when in danger, because that is just the ultimate weapon when you’re trying to save your own life!

That is Just absolutely ridiculous, because your life depends on a newspaper- nothing else. If gladiatorial fights were stopped hundreds of years ago, then why does the battle between man and bull still exist today? It’s basically the same concept – killing Is illing. Is there a difference between man and bull? Why would the life of a human have a higher value than the life of a bull? I dont understand. The Pamplona Bull Run is still said to be a very cultured event since its ‘in honor of Saint Fermin’.
However, is this still the reason nowadays why people are running from bulls? I don’t think so. Nowadays, In my opinion, culture Is not as important as It once was. People are using this event to show off their manliness, bravery and skill – not for the history, which lies in this place. The media has been too open about this event; they milk this event for views, eplying some of the most disturbing parts when runners are trampled on and so on ” you get the Idea. Especially to little children who grow up watching this, how will this influence them?
The event might event demonstrate that such animal cruelty and violence Is okay! Anotner negative Tactor 0T tnls event Is tne costs 0T damage ana repalr (as well as medical supply etc. ). ‘Tons and tons of glass has been collected from the streets’. It gets to the point, where normal people who actually live in the bull-run area, have to put up protection for their own houses, so they don’t get absolutely trashed. That’s just outrageous if you ask me. You either put up protection for your house, or there are high chances of it getting destroyed – unbelievable.
But after all, the amount of damage caused, isn’t hard to believe since there’s angry bulls running amok in narrow pathways. I hope, in the future, the Pamplona Bull Run will be extinguished, because it’s Just naturally wrong. Do you find this fun or entertaining, to watch a bull slowly and painfully die? I hope that there will be an immediate end to this festival’. Sadly, too many people celebrate this, so trying to put an end to an event this big, would be like waiting for rain in a drought – hopeless and disappointing.

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The Pamplona Bull Run: Danger Bull’s Eye!
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