The Plot Line for Esperanza Rising

Severance’s rich and loving father was murdered by bandits. Spenserian and what is left of her family are threaten by her dad’s wicked stepbrothers that may have had a hand in his death. In order to get away from their evil grasp they ran to the US Of A. Working as plantation workers with their servants. Amidst all this she had to leave behind her grandma due to injuries probably caused by her wicked stepsons. Also like Spenserian Diego De la Vega’s family was taken away from him, his daughter stolen, wife murdered, and sent to a Mexican equivalent of Augmentation Bay to plot his revenge.
Rising action Spenserian has to learn how sweep, care for babies, and take care for her mom that has valley fever who need to go to the hospital. She is having a hard time to adjust having living a life envied by princesses to a life that is hard not to pity upon, her bratty side is shown. Unlike Spenserian who deals with cleaning Diego escapes from prison with only one objective find his daughter, but his got sidetracked only to find a man who he help back in the days when he was Zero named Alexandra. As Hollywood would have it this man’s brother was murdered and now he is plotting to avenge him.
So Diego sakes him in and trains him to become a new Zero. While training Diego makes Alexandra go to a ball and tells him to spy on Don Rafael who stole Doggie’s daughter and basically killed his wife. Alexandra goes to the ball meets meet Elena Doggie’s long lost daughter and Don Rafael. After the ball Don Rafael invites Alexandra to see his “vision”. Climax At this crucial point in the story Spenserian learns how to care for her mom, she gets a job to pay for her mother’s hospital expenses and a ticket for her grandma who she left back in Mexico, and she learns how to deal with all the racism that goes on in the camp.

Also she has a argument with her former servant now plantation colleague. He gathers all the money she been saving and runs away. While Spenserian adjusts to her new life, Alexandra learns of a plot to buy California from the Spanish with gold mined from California worked buy orphans, and random hobos, even a priest. Denouement Severance’s mom gets healthier enough to come home, and the servant who ran away with her money came back with Severance’s grandma. Now everyone is happy and reunited. As Spenserian is being reunited with her family Diego tries to get reunited with his family. With the help of Alexandra
Diego invades the home of Don Rafael discovers a plot to destroy the gold mine with all the workers tank tries to tell Elena the she IS his daughter and he succeeds but Rafael throws him in confinement. Elena rescues her newly discovered father and brings him to Alexandra where he is with Captain Love the psychotic man who killed Alexandrine brother and then made him into a beverage. Diego then confronts Rafael as he tries to get his gold to the governor of California. As both of them win their own duels for Hollywood forbid them to lose, Elena finally does something she helps the workers with he help of Alexandra.

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