To Dr. Clover (Unit 5 Week 2 First Response Needed)

It is always interesting to write about projections and expectations. In relationship to developed competencies of the final project, I believe that in my case I will need to review a majority of what was included within the previous discussion board postings and from the live chats. In my case, for the past month I have been volunteering my time out of state and helping my parents with upkeep on their property. The problem was that they do not have access to internet services. In a couple days I will return back home and work like a madman getting the final assignment completed.
In researching what the final comprehensive project will include, the option that has me intrigued was with the “Farm Barn” concept. A Farm Barn is a small one room shed type structure that sells organic eggs and other homemade type canned products. It utilizes neither sales people nor the use of cashiers. Every transaction is an honor type situation that simply directs the purchaser to place cash for an item in a slotted box. The person responsible for restocking the eggs and other items also collects the cash from the box.
The customer relationship is more geared towards returning customers and word of mouth for future customers. Should the demand for fresh organic free range eggs and other products increase, the opportunity for expansion can also be projected. The concept is on flocks of 200 to 250 chickens per rotational area. Approximately 5 chicken flocks can support a $40,000 annual total income after expenses. The major setback that should be considered is that the work would entail a 7 day a week commitment for the length of the business.  
The Farm Barn does not need technology to assist in supporting customer relationships as the focus is not on interaction. The customer is prompted by a set listed price and can choose how little or how much to purchase. A ledger is available for comments but customers are not required to sign it. The Farm Barn is set up to be interactive without the influence of salespeople.
Russell Hale               

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To Dr. Clover (Unit 5 Week 2 First Response Needed)
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