Trends in Communication Technology

TechnoloCharlotte Cole XCOM 285 November 23, 2012 Technology Trendy Communication Technology changes constantly and it may be difficult for businesses to always be able to keep up with the new technological trends that arise. Many companies do what they are able to and try to use technology as much as they can to promote their business and communicate with their current and potential customers.
In today’s technological world we have the internet, cellphones, and social media to communicate with customers in addition to the old fashion way of commercial and other ads. Many businesses use Facebook and Twitter to promote their business because they are and the only cost involved (if you do not work on these accounts yourself) would be the manpower to keep these pages up-to-date. Cell phones are another way to communicate with customers but sending out mass text messages and coupons that can be used; I am not sure what cost is involved with this method.
I do see many businesses use social media and other forms, but the larger companies seem to take advantage of technology the most. Keeping up-to-date websites is extremely important, but again this can be costly due to hiring someone to keep the site up and time consuming. My company is having a problem with this, which I feel affects our business because I daily have to contact customers with corrections on designs and colors of our products.

I see there is a cost in using some of the different methods, such as running a banner on specific websites, having your own website or having your business website appears on Google, so this may limit many smaller businesses from using technology as much as they would like to. I do think that businesses use technology as much as they can and try to constantly look into new ways to promote.

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Trends in Communication Technology
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