Trident OPM300 module 1 case and SLP

Module 1 – CaseFLOWCHARTSAssignment OverviewSTOP! Have you read, studied, and understood all of the course materials, including the Module Home Page and the sources listed under Background information? If you haven’t, then do so before attempting this Case.As with all Trident courses, you’re expected to provide references and citations. It’s recommended you use the sources listed in the module. Resist the temptation to browse the Web, looking for “clues.” There’s a lot of confusing stuff out there, and much of it is irrelevant. This module contains all the information you need. Study it—use it!Case AssignmentYou’re desperately in love with another person, but that person doesn’t know you exist. You decide to skip the whole getting-to-know-you routine, and cast a love spell.Assume you have a book containing the rituals, plus the ingredients lists. The sex of the target determines which list you’ll use; there’s one for men, and a separate one for women. The first step is to choose the appropriate list, and check that you have everything on hand. One common ingredient on both lists is Eye of Newt (EoN). If you don’t have EoN but have Tongue of Cobra (ToC), then you can use that, but only if the target is male. Otherwise, you have to have all the ingredients on the list, with no substitutions allowed. If you don’t, then that’s the end of the procedure, at least for the time being.If you have all the ingredients, then check the phase of the Moon. If the subject is male, the Moon should be waxing (New Moon through the day before Full). If the subject is female, the Moon should be waning (Full Moon through the day before New). If the time of the month isn’t auspicious, then wait. Once the Moon is right, perform the ritual in either Latin or Greek, depending upon whether the target is male (Latin) or female (Greek). This is the end of the procedure. Good luck!Hint: The most efficient flowchart has two main paths, one for male and the other for female targets.HINTS:If you haven’t read and studied the module home page and the sources listed under Background information, stop right here. Go back and do the reading. Otherwise, you’ll waste hours.Don’t browse the Web looking for information about how to create a flowchart, until you’ve read and studied the sources in the module. The Case was designed with these sources in mind. They contain all the information you’ll need. You should reference and cite them, in accordance with the Writing Guide.You aren’t being asked to write an essay about flowcharting, but rather to draw a flowchart. If your Case write-up doesn’t contain a flowchart, then it’s incomplete.Despite 4 above, your Case should follow standard format, with a cover sheet and a brief discussion of the problem. Be sure to include references and citations.Assignment ExpectationsReduce the case to a series of discrete, single activities and decisions.Avoid clutter. In the flowchart, abbreviate the activities and decisions. If necessary, explain the abbreviations in a glossary.Use standard flowchart symbology.Provide a short (one or two paragraph) explanation of the chart. Include citations.SLP 1Complete the first round of a three-round Delphi decision-making exercise. Before reading further, please be sure you’ve read the discussion about the Delphi process on this Module’s Homepage. It includes information that is not repeated here.Topic:For the sake of simplicity, choose a future outcome that can be expressed as a single-number probability, or likelihood. Examples includeThe likelihood that X will be elected (to some office) in 20##.The likelihood that Y will win the Super Bowl / World Series / NBA Championship in 20##.The percentage of feature films that will consist entirely of computer-generated imagery by the year 20##.The topic should be something that both you and your exercise participants care about, and also know something about (although you need not be experts).Participants:You will be the coordinator. Select three other persons as participants. Their cooperation will be important, so be sure to choose people you can count on. These can be either family members, close friends, or other students (although not students enrolled in this course. They’ll be busy coordinating their own Delphi exercises.)SLP Assignment ExpectationsAs closely as possible, the SLP should follow the detailed example, which is cited in the Home Page discussion. You may copy and / or adapt verbiage from the example without citing it. (This special dispensation is intended to help move things along.)The SLP writeup should includeThe Letters to the Participants, explaining the project and requesting their assistance.The first-round responses from the participants, edited to remove identifying information (such as email addresses).Follow the instructions in the BSBA Writing Style Guide (July 2014 edition), available online at”>”>.There are no guidelines concerning length. Write what you need to write – neither more, nor less.In the SLP ONLY, references and citations are NOT required. However: If you state a fact, express an opinion, or use a turn of phrase that isn’t your own, then you should credit the source, just like you would in everyday conversation. (Example: “As Rodney Dangerfield always used to say, ‘I get no respect!’ “)

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