Using Quantitative Techniques to Solve Problems
Assignment Overview

In this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to use  quantitative techniques to solve OSCM problems. You will use linear  programming techniques to solve a resource allocation and a  transportation problem, and simulation techniques to solve an operations  management problem. The linear programming technique was demonstrated  in your Unit 9 study; the demonstration is also linked in the Resources  for this assignment.
Assignment Directions

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To complete this assignment, solve the following three problems from your Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains text.

Problems to Solve Using Linear Programming Techniques

Chapter 13, page 535, question 13. Solve this problem with the simplex method.
Supplement D, page 430, question nine. Solve this problem with the simplex method.

Problems to Solve Using Simulation Techniques

Supplement E, page 17, question nine. For this problem, create an  Excel model that simulates weekly sales for 500 weeks and calculates  average number of cars sold, revenue per week and a frequency table of  cars sold.

For each problem, submit your solution and a brief explanation of  your solution. In addition, show your model formulation for the problems  solved with linear programming. Your formulation should clearly  indicate the decision variables, the objective function (including  whether this is a minimization or maximization problem) and the  constraints.

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