Unicef Unesco And Education For All In Cambodia Education Essay

United Nations International Children ‘s Emergency Fund ( UNICEF ) was established on December 11, 1946. He was created in the intent to assist kids and adult females that faced up many jobs in life. He works with 190 states through state plan to get the better of the obstructions such as poorness, force, diseases, and favoritism which are affected to kids in day-to-day life. He does work really active in planetary administration in footings of supplying educational system, assisting kids from injury, force, and advancing information by utilizing engineering. Furthermore, he besides works with many people barely in order to protect kids from environmental jobs because he does non desire the kids suffer from those activities. However, he believes that kids are still threatened by those jobs because he can non vouch kids from being out those jobs. Meanwhile, he besides works really difficult to happen the schemes to forestall the spread of HIV/AIDS among immature people because he wants to maintain them from injury and enable to protect them. However, non merely kids but besides adult females he besides promote misss ‘ instruction because he wants to promote misss have a really deep thought, better citizens in society every bit good as a good female parent for her ain kids.
UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization ) was created on November 4, 1946. He was established in order to work out jobs that related to wellness, poorness, and instruction that provide installations throughout the universe. In a nut shell, he is responsible for advancing peace, societal justness, human rights, and international security through international cooperation on educational scientific discipline and cultural plans. He has 193 member provinces and 7 associate member provinces ; hence, we trust that we will success in footings of covering with those jobs that we work manus in manus together. More of import than this, we play a critical function in United Nations in footings of cut downing utmost poorness in developing states, extinguishing gender inequalities in primary and secondary instruction, advancing sustainable development and particularly he wants to accomplish the end by 2015. As a consequence, he besides has his ain intent for future that he will seek to advance instruction every bit much as possible, societal justness and planetary peace and cooperation.
MDG ( Millennium Development Goal ) was adopted by UN Millennium Summit in September 2000. He was established for ASEAN as a whole in order to do all the states in ASEAN obtain the end by 2015 successfully which is ASEAN Community. Furthermore, today he non merely has the fiscal resources to stop utmost poorness but besides has technological cognition to forestall this job in order to avoid this job go on once more and once more. Therefore, MDG has put eight chief schemes for ASEAN states to follow in order to develop the state such as:

1/ Eliminate utmost hungriness and poorness
2/ Achieve cosmopolitan primary instruction
3/ Promote gender equality and empower adult females
4/ Reduce kid mortality
5/ Improve maternal wellness
6/ Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases
7/ Ensure environmental sustainability
8/ Develop a planetary partnership for development.
Education was offered by the WATS ( pagoda ) in Cambodia that provided merely male population to larn, in the yesteryear. Female were prohibited. That ‘s why Cambodia remains a batch of uneducated misss that had no activities or action which involve in societal work after Pot Pot government. Furthermore, during that period, the figure of qualified people such as instructors, research workers, and technicians, physicians were died. More significantly, that government led to get rid of instruction, consistently destructing learning stuffs, and so on. Schools and universities were closed. Not for long clip, this government was collapsed. The new authorities came up and had responsibility to retrace the instruction system since these substructures were to a great extent destroyed and besides many educated people were killed. However, he was rather hard to retrace the instruction system because our authorities did non hold ability to put in all the stuffs instantly since we merely woke up from war. Actually, he can did it unless taking for long times.
MC # 2: Function of UNICEF, UNESCO, the MDG, and Education for All in Cambodia
UNICEF plays a critical function in Cambodia in footings of assisting hapless people and uneducated people particularly people populating in urban or rural country. Beside this job, UNICEF besides provides gender equality in Cambodia. There is no favoritism in this society. Furthermore, all kids have an equal chance to have an instruction and they can anticipate what they will acquire for their future life. They have a really strong committedness for their future life.
UNESCO plays an of import function in Cambodia in footings of sharing cognition. Knowledge can do or take people to hold a really bright hereafter because when people have knowledge, people can protect themselves from something go on around them. However, UNESOC besides has another intent that desiring to construe to Cambodia is peace and security by advancing coaction among the states through instruction, scientific discipline, and civilization in order to foster cosmopolitan regard for justness, for the regulation of jurisprudence, and for the human rights and cardinal freedoms which are affirmed for the peoples of the universe, without differentiation of race, sex, linguistic communication or faith. These are sensible that Cambodia demand because after woke up from war, Cambodia still non stay peace. MDG is one portion of organisation. He besides has map to develop since Cambodia remains a batch of poorness after war. In the existent state of affairs that MDG was practiced in Cambodia about how to extinguish poorness. Cambodia needs to set up a mechanism for periodic reappraisals of advancement made towards bettering policy coordination at all degrees. However, it ‘s rather hard for Cambodia to make so because Cambodia is considered as a developing state which has no adequate natural stuffs, fiscal, human resources and so on. Nonetheless, in order to accomplish MDGs, non merely Cambodia but besides other states need to develop appropriate roadmaps suited to local demands and conditions.
Education for all is really of import for Cambodia. Education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalized grownups and kids can raise themselves out of poorness. Besides, instruction has a critical function in authorising adult females, safeguarding kids from exploitative the environment, and commanding population growing. Education is the great thing that Cambodia need because Cambodia needs human resources to develop state to go comfortable state.
MC # 3: The advantages of UNICEF, UNESCO, the MDG, and Education for All in Cambodia
UNICEF has a batch of advantages that UNICEF provides to the hapless states particularly Cambodia. UNICEF working with many organisations in order to cover with some issues such as poorness, force, disease, and favoritism in a kid ‘s way that many states is confronting. This organisation works really hard in order to get the better of those jobs. Notwithstanding, he tries to advance misss instruction for guaranting that misss can finish primary instruction as a lower limit in order to protect themselves from force, foolish, and so no. Furthermore, he works to support the spread of HIV/AID among immature people because it is right to maintain them from injury. However, from my point of position, I can state that the activities that UNICEF act is really right for Cambodia because after Pol Pot government ( race murder ) , Cambodia remains many people who burden HIV/AID virus, orphaned, poorness, and uneducated people. Therefore, the manner that UNICEF performs provides a batch of advantages to Cambodia to extinguish those diseases and all issues that happened in Cambodia from the past until now. Nevertheless, UNICEF does non hold ability to assist Cambodia what he has met presents but he can assist Cambodia to cut down those issues at least from 0 % to 50 % .
UNESCO is besides help hapless states to avoid those jobs, but he concentrates much on instruction since this organisation wants people all over the universe to go knowing individual that society need in order to divert from force, poorness, and so on. This organisation has his map similar to UNICEF. Hence, I can state that since this organisation takes topographic point in Cambodia, now there are many people understood much on instruction particularly in university and besides many adult females working in ministries and companies.
Since I described briefly about rubric of the end MDG before, now I will state them more clearly. Of class, there are eight ends for accomplishing the MDG by 2015. However, he is really difficult to make so since some states can non pattern its. First, eradicate extreme poorness and hungriness which steps by utilizing poorness spread ratio, portion of poorest quintile in national ingestion, prevalence of scraggy kids under-five old ages of age, and proportion of own-account and lending household workers in entire employment to do certain that there is lower poorness or hungriness occur in the state. Second, achieve cosmopolitan primary instruction which will be guarantee that by 2015, kids everyplace, male childs and misss likewise, will be able to finish a full class of primary schooling for guaranting that miss can obtain knowledge every bit to work forces without favoritism. This is a really of import point that Cambodia needs. Third, promote gender equality and empower adult females which is the intent of eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary instruction, sooner by 2005, and in all degrees of instruction no subsequently than 2015 by sharing the adult females in pay employment in the non-agricultural sector. Fourth, cut down kid mortality is the mark to cut down by two tierces, between 1990 and 2015, the under-five mortality rate to do certain that there is a low of infant mortality rate. Fifth, better maternal wellness by utilizing the maternal mortality ratio, and utilizing prophylactic prevalence rate. Sixth, combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases in order to do certain that those disease will be reduced by 2015 which utilizing the ratio of school attending of orphans to school attending o non-orphans aged 10-14 old ages. Seventh, guarantee environmental sustainability in the mark that integrate the rules of sustainable development into state policies and plans and change by reversal the loss of environmental resources. Eighth, develop a planetary partnership for development in the arm of developing farther an unfastened, rule-based, predictable, non-discriminatory trading and fiscal system and turn to the particular demands of the least developed states.
Education for all is utile for everyone without favoritism both male childs and misss in this universe. Learning is the most powerful tool because the more we know the better we get along in the universe. If we do non hold cognition, we are really hard to populate in this universe since this universe is traveling to seek modern engineering, Furthermore, we have knowledge, we are certainly to acquire a better occupation with a high paid.
MC # 4: The impact of UNICEF, UNESCO, the MDG, and Education for All in Cambodia
For positive point of UNICEF, he starts his cooperation in Cambodia in 1952 as a portion of its planetary and Asia-wide regional plan to better kid wellness and wellbeing. UNICEF was helped Cambodia a batch in footings of instruction system, wellness attention service, so on and so away. He helps Cambodia in the intent of forcing Cambodia to go a strong state that full of human resources that would be helped Kampuchean citizens in the following hereafter since the state can develop or non develop based upon on human resources.
Positive point of UNESCO, it is non much impact since it is non play in a major function in Cambodia. It merely shows us merely about the negative point. UNESCO provides disadvantages more than advantages. For illustration, in instance PREAH VIHEAR TEMPLE, harmonizing to the web site of one of the celebrated Thai English Newspaper called THE NATION REPORT which announce on Thursday 21, May 2009, said that the UNESCO is unjust because the occupation of UNESCO is to guarantee that this heritage is good conserved. Why UNESCO has to inquire for permission from Thailand if they are merely visit Cambodia? Is Thailand Cambodia ‘s parent? Actually, for this statement, it depicts really clear that UNESCO is unjust in footings of judging the universe heritage.
MDG, really MDG play a really of import function in Cambodia in footings of assisting Cambodia to cut down poorness in the state chiefly. A few month ago, in Phnom Penh metropolis ( in forepart of BO TUM VATEY pagoda ) , many official authorities ran this plan for advancing by gather together many people include high school pupils, workers, motor cab, and so on came to speak in order to portion some information which relate to poorness to do certain that these sorts of people understand good what is poorness and where does it come from. Conversely, it is rather difficult to make so since our state deficiency of human resources.
Education for All, Cambodia is increasing a batch of schools from the lower grade to the higher grade at everyplace in the state to do certain that all people can hold opportunity to derive cognition in order to better themselves to back up populating criterion. Besides, I think that it is non much influence to Cambodia because now many people are educated so they understand good before they decide to make anything. We can see that most of people are be givening to travel to school.
MC # 5: Future position of UNICEF, UNESCO, the MDG, and Education for All in Cambodia
UNICEF plays a really of import function in Cambodia in footings of supplying instruction, assisting kids from force, advancing on the utilizations of engineering. Besides, UNICEF works on five issues of kids such as instruction, safety of kids and growing, preparation of kids in their early age, mistreatment and maltreatment guard the kids from maltreatment, and HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, UNICEF works really difficult to happen the schemes to forestall the spread of HIV/AIDS among immature people since he wants to keep kids from injury and enable them to protect others. In add-on, UNICEF is working with many organisations in order to cover with some issues such as poorness, force, diseases, and favoritism. He works much on developing state. Additionally, he is besides holding a position since he works really difficult for assisting hapless states. The policy model covers all those who are deemed excluded, consisting handicapped kids, working kids, street kids, those with disablements, those with larning troubles, the really hapless, those in geographically distant countries, those from lingual, cultural or cultural minorities, those with parents who have stigmatized occupations, those with HIV or whose parents have HIV, those displaced by struggle or natural catastrophe, but non accomplishing in school and those that drop out of school. Integrated schooling systems consisting of all denominations, are to be considered, to further societal coherence and better apprehension among communities.
UNESCO is besides play a really indispensable manner to assist Cambodia. It helps Cambodia in the intent of forcing Cambodia to go a good state that full of human resources that would be help Cambodia in the following hereafter. Besides, it might believe that state can develop based upon on human resource. Furthermore, UNESCO is besides help hapless states to avoid those jobs, but he concentrates much on instruction since this organisation wants people all over the universe have instruction to divert from force, poorness, and so on. However, UNESCO is still weak that can non happen the right thing to the victim since the victim demand for aid like Cambodia. This organisation has his map similar to UNICEF. Hence, I can state that since this organisation takes topographic point in Cambodia, now there are many people understood much on instruction particularly in rural country. Besides, people who live in countryside let their girls to travel to school. Of class, now it shows us really exactly that there are many adult females pupils who are analyzing in university and besides many adult females working in ministries and companies.
The MDG is besides plays a major function in footings of assisting hapless provinces for covering with some issues that those states are confronting. Harmonizing to my point of position, I can reason that the MDG is really difficult to accomplish the end by 2015 since the status of MDG for hapless provinces are rather difficult for them to follow. For the existent illustration of Cambodia, Cambodia is really difficult to obtain those standards since Cambodia deficiency of natural stuffs, human resources, so on and so forth. However, I trust that by 2020, the MDG can derive these aims since the hapless provinces are traveling to modernization provinces.
Finally, the Education for All, I believe that it will obtain its end since it provides tonss about instruction system to hapless states since the hapless provinces deficiency of scheme to learn to pupils and no criterion for Cambodia pupils as a whole.

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