Values Portrayed on Reality Television Programs

Running ahead: Is reality television negative Reality television has gone negative in the most apart. Take shows like “Jersey Shore”. This show by its self shows how to be ignorat, loud, don’t care about anything but partying. Do we really want our children to act like this? We have these people from Jersey showing us what that they can be loud and do whatever with no consequence.
It’s unbelievable that we let people get on TV and do absolute nothing. We see how not to act but they are getting what $100,000 just to be at a club.Seriously, people come on this isn’t something that we should be encourging. This is one of many shows that show us that todays’ society doesn’t have morals like they use to. Today’s shows have so much violence, sex, drugs, and use of derogatory language. Then, we go into the way African-American women are proceeded to be evil, loud, with no respect for anyone. The Apprentice, Omaroseonee Manigault-Stallworth stated “These shows are constructed.
They don’t happen, nor do they portray actual reality. They are constructed reality. “Historically, African-Americans have been portrayed negatively on reality television. We don’t come across well. You’ve got to start looking and saying, ‘Is that really how all African-Americans are? ‘ Because they are trying to say that this is representative of our people. ” She clearly states that African-American’s are just being used to show that we are ignorant and show what Martin Luther King Jr. was fighting for.

For what we wanted to people to see that we’re not people that just don’t have any morals. Why are we feeding into something like that?Is it because that’s what and how we are? No, because just like any other race there are some those wish to act if “momma” didn’t show them what to do and what not to do. We’re not in the1960’s trying to fight for our place in the United States. Yes, there are some people that can use or don’t wish to use God giving sense. But do we have to have it shown on television that people do act like that as if it is right. I don’t want my children to believe that it’s ok to act as if they don’t have education or morals. So many of these reality shows or what seems to be reality show is scripted.

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Values Portrayed on Reality Television Programs
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