125-150 WORDS EACH  
Discuss the primary criticisms regarding the developmental perspective, particularly that presented by Gottfredson and Hirschi.
Should hate crimes be punished more severely than crimes motivated by greed, anger, or revenge? Why should crimes be distinguished by the motivations of the perpetrator? Is hate a more heinous motivation than revenge?
Is prostitution really a crime? Should a man or woman have the right to sell sexual favors if they so choose?
Articulate the stages in Athens’s violentization process
Compare and contrast the different degrees of murder
Analyze the differences among serial killing, mass murder, and spree killing
Discuss the root causes of child abuse
Describe emerging forms of violence such as stalking, hate crimes, and workplace violence
Discuss the history of theft offenses
Explain the concept of embezzlement
Describe what is meant by the term enterprise crime
Compare and contrast the various forms of white-collar crime
Discuss efforts to control white-collar crime
Describe the evolution of organized crime
Clarify the association between law and morality
Assess the causes of substance abuse
State the arguments for and against legalizing drugs

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