week 2 quiz : Essay Fountain

  • Define Energy.
  • List some ways in which energy affects your life.
  • What are the differences among renewable, nonrenewable, and inexhaustible resources?
  • True or False? Energy waiting to happen is known as potential energy.
  • List the six forms of energy.
  • True or False? A quad is a means of measuring how much energy you consume in your home every month?
  • Name three sources of energy.
  • Why has the demand for energy and power grown throughout history?
  • In three sentences, discuss the history of energy consumption in the United States.
  • Explain what an embargo is.
  • Which two sectors of the economy are responsible for consuming the most energy?
  • True or False? The majority of all energy consumed in America and worldwide is in the form of fossil fuels.
  • Why are alternative energy sources, like wind generators, not more popular?
  • Summarize the concept of efficiency,
  • True or False? When energy is converted from one form to another, some loss will occur.
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week 2 quiz : Essay Fountain
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