Week 3 Discussion


For this week’s discussion, you are tasked with the following:
1. Read and annotate 1 article from Reading Choices Week 3, then compose a response to your reading of no less than 200 words that: introduces the title and author of your choice of reading, summarizes the reading briefly, defines the argument(s) or persuasive point(s) within the reading that the author is making, responds to the reading using specific evidence from the text (i.e. Do you agree or disagree? Is there something you would add? Is there something you object to?), and uses proper MLA in-text citations* for your quoted evidence. If you are unsure about your response to the reading, or if you are unsure where to start you response, you may consider whether the reading corresponds with any of the class themes (see Week 1 Module).
*(Remember, in-text citations are the “parenthetical” references in the text of a work that include either the author of a source and the page number you are citing, just the author for a non-paginated work, the title of a source and the page number you are citing for works with no authors, or just the title of a source for non-paginated works with no authors. In-text citations should appear at the end of the sentence, before the period, in which the quoted material is used). 
In addition to, or in substitution of the “responding to the reading” guideline listed above, you may note any logical fallacies* you identify in the work using specific evidence from the text, explain how the evidence you cite fits that fallacy, and suggest how the author could fix it *(see: Glossary of Terms and “”An Explanation of Course Terminology and Student Outcomes, and Tips for Success in Class”).
2. Read and annotate Methods of Discovery chapters 3 and 4, and respond to the following questions in no less than 100 words (total combined for both); responses should directly answer the question in at least one full sentence.
a. List all the reading you have done in the last week. Include both “school” and “out-of school” reading. Try to list as many texts as you can think of, no matter how short and unimportant they might seem. Now, answer: What was your purpose in reading each of those texts and how did those different purposes affect the way you read? 
b. Go to The Heritage Foundation (http://www.heritage.org (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) and browse through the content of the site. Answer: What assumptions and biases do the authors of the publications on the site seem to have? How do we know? Does this imply something about the websites intended audience and/or purpose?
3. After submitting your own discussion post based on the guidelines in steps 1 and 2 above, submit a response to either part of one of your classmates’ posts of no less than 100 words. 
Remember, these discussion posts are scored on mechanics, content, and insight, the precise definition of which appear in the rubric for this assignment, but which include grammar and punctuation, following guidelines and including all parts requested, and being thoughtful and critical.

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