Week 3 informative speech and week 5 position paper.

Forum Objective: Describe the topic you will use for your week 3 informative speech and the topic you will use for your week 5 position paper.

One of the most important steps in writing is choosing a topic.  Sometimes it’s easy to do and sometimes not.  In this forum you will be choosing two (2) topics, as shown below. To get ready for that, read the article “Reinventing Invention: Discovery and Investment in Writing,” which is linked here.

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Week 3 informative speech and week 5 position paper.
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The authors state that:
Writers invent texts the way engineers invent new gadgets. But invention in the rhetorical sense is about a lot more than just coming up with ideas. Invention is also a way to describe what happens when a writer searches for a topic, develops a specific idea about that topic, and then strategizes a plan for fitting that specific idea to the writing situation at hand. In other words, invention is about coming up with something shiny, new, and unique, but it is also about brainstorming, synthesizing, and learning. (Trim and Isaac 107)

The techniques set forth in the article provide good ways for you to get some ideas for the assignments you will be doing in this course, working by yourself or working with others (your friends, colleagues, etc.).  After you have tried some of these techniques, pick two (2) topics you would like to write on. If you want, these could be related to your field of study (some hints are shown in the lesson).

Week 3 Speech: Informative Topic
Week 5 Position Paper: Debatable Topic

Describe a topic you will use for the two (2) assignments for the Week 2 Forum. As you think about your topics, keep in mind your purpose for each (to inform and to persuade). Decide if you need to narrow your topic a bit. Think about your audience and how you can help your reader understand the topic. You can talk about these things in your forum post.  See example post below.

An informative topic informs the reader of a topic.
A debatable topic (or persuasive topic) is a topic that people can agree or disagree and will have many alternative viewpoints.

I am an education major. I want to become a teacher. Some topics that are interesting in my field of education are learning and bilingual education.  For my speech, my topic will be “How to Motivate Students to Learn.” For my Position paper, I will write about “The Benefits of Bilingual Education.” Because the purpose of my speech is to inform, I will provide specific details on how to help students want to learn.  This is how I will make my speech topic more specific: I will show ways to motivate students to learn by providing interesting lessons, having stimulating group projects, and engaging in fun discussions.  Because the purpose of my position paper is to persuade, I will focus on the many benefits of knowing two languages.  I will add details to my topic by saying that “The benefits of bilingual education include allowing students to retain their first language, heritage, and permitting students to learn English little by little.

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