WEEK 3 PT 1B : Essay Fountain

Use the reading material from the Required Reading and create a PowerPoint presentation including:(Emergency and crisis management: Critical incident stress management for first responders and business organisations  BY Daniel H. Guenthner)

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WEEK 3 PT 1B : Essay Fountain
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  • Title page (1 slide)
  • Content (10 slides minimum)
  • Summary (1 slide)
  • Reference (1 page) (APA style)

The content of the slides will present the main ideas in bullet format and the discussion will be placed in the Notes Section.You are the lead for the Community Planning Team. The team is conducting the annual review of the Emergency Preparedness Plan for your community. Currently, the plan does not include an annex for a Stress Management Program. You are creating this PowerPoint presentation to deliver to the team that details a proposed Stress Management Program for first responders, non-governmental organizations, and residents. The presentation will include the following:

  1. Define stress management and the levels of stress
  2. Goals and objectives of the program
  3. Vulnerable populations and first responders who need this training
  4. How the program will be implemented
  5. How the program will enhance community resiliency
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