week 5 discussion

What have you learned about so far in the course? For this assignment, you will return to the popular culture dictionary discussion from Module One and post what you have learned about one of the lenses so far. This task will provide you with an opportunity to pursue something you find of particular interest as you move forward.
First, review your work on the popular culture assignment from Module One as well as the course resources and media examples you have so far studied in the course (including this module’s resources). Next, create a discussion topic that addresses the following:

What have you learned so far about popular culture by examining an artifact through one of the general education lenses?
What was the original definition, and what limitations were part of this definition?
In what ways has your concept of the term changed?
In what ways will you include this term in your final project?

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week 5 discussion
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My post was as follows

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Well class I have chosen to term that defines the class Popular Culture. Dictionary.com defines popular culture as “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people”. We have seen many instances in the past 20 years that have shown us how it been suited for the masses. Disney has shown us that being a super power and acquiring 2 major franchises and doing things with them that have us wanting more. I am referring to both LucasFilms and the Marvel cinematic universe. Then you have the Harry Potter obsession. J K Rowlings books that have us wanting more but for the time being there is no more. Then there is the iconic Maddona. There were so many girls that wanted to be a boy toy or a material girl. “She was an entrepreneur, actress, dancer, and songwriter. Her contributions to music, fashion, film, and dance have left a lasting legacy in pop culture. In fact, she has influenced many artists in many different ways. She is an icon both in music and fashion”. So to me Popular culture tends to be a way of life for some people to strive to be what someone else has been or done or simply just want to be like them. I believe that it can be good so that it people something to strive for.  Well that is at least how i see it. 

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