weighted matrix to select new CRM system and evaluation

 In this assignment, you will be using a weighted decision model (also known as a weighted matrix) to help a company select a new CRM system. 

Use the information given below and construct a weighted matrix model that accounts for all information to help the company make the most appropriate choice.

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weighted matrix to select new CRM system and evaluation
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Begin by reading the article titled: Constructing a Weighted Matrix.

Borysowich, C. (2006). Constructing a weighted matrix (Links to an external site.). Toolbox Tech. Retrieved from 


You may also want to familiarize yourself with CRM selection criteria

SelectHub. (2018). CRM software selection quick start guide (Links to an external site.). [Weblog] Retrieved from 

CRM Software Selection Quick Start Guide

Video to help on youtube


The company is evaluating several facets of CRM systems. These facets and their relative importance are listed below:

Each vendor’s ability to meet these criteria is rated on a scale of 1 to 5. With 5 indicating good alignment, and 1 indicating poor alignment.

Assignment Requirements:

Create a weighted decision model that evaluates these CRM systems.
Include a copy of your Microsoft Excel file that includes this model.
In one page briefly describe the evaluation and make a recommendation to the company on the system that they should select.

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