Who Are Are, from Where We Came

First of all, if I want to interpreted by the way of religiones point of view then I think this topic goes to meanless way. I have a knowledge by which I can explan it in proper way. Today we should given the side and lates talk on a historin what they were saying about this topic. I want to commence with quetation “ the world depend upon human, but the human are illution” Start with the Annonaki I think this will never wrong to mention the Annonaki first in my this topic. We should to exam him first in front of my friends.
The Annunaki belonged from sumerian religion since 25oo year ago and after few years the sumerian group has been replaced by Akkadian and later to babylonians untill they have been converted to christianity. In islamic point of view the Annunaki is called a (jinn). He was basically worked of god. Lates come to main point … the Annunaki was the superiour to the igiges. The igiges were working for Annunaki to digging the god in planet earth. After same era the igiges were rebiling againt the Annunaki and after some years the Anki suggested to created the humankind by the Annunaki blood in the process on tube mechanism to burn the mankind.
In the statement the many historine weren,t believe on this but after 18, 19 century the tube mechenism of tube . after the development in this field the thinker commence the believe on this explanation. There are one other story about the human on the bases of science. The science teach us the human body is called a biological computer . the human body are attracted by the help of heart then the heart transmitted to entire body . the energy come to our body from over surround environment. By this energy the sencs working and on the bases of sencs the MRNA TRNA send the message to brain and the brain worked .

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Who Are Are, from Where We Came
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