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Review the following website, The Center for Education Reform (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Once you have familiarized yourself with the In The States and Issues tabs take a minute to reflect on your thoughts of public education and charter schools. Set aside some time to also review other resources on new and upcoming proposals to enhance the traditional style of learning. 
For your assignment, I’d like you to review the #redfored movement. Do you even know what Red for Ed stands for? Find support for your thoughts on education reform, for example, addressing the growing amount of charter schools, thoughts towards other forms of alternative education, and incorporating technology in education. The assignment is a reflection of your view while having an opportunity to research peer-reviewed information on this topic. 
In 3-4 pages, using APA format (including APA formatted section headers), please address the following: 

Begin with an introduction about what is Red for Ed and how much you know about it.
Identify 3 specific demands (there are about 5, total). Use section headers for organization of these demands. 
As you conclude, what did you learn from this article? Whether you want to be an educator or not, what are your key takeaways, even as a tax paying citizen? Feel free to share any existing viewpoints you have about education and anything that surprised you, while keeping the focus on the movement. 

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