Why Torture Is a Good Thing

Why Torture is a Good Thing. Recently the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi has come under fire for comments she made about torture, once again bringing the topic of torture back into the national spotlight. There are so many different sides to the debate on whether our government should or should not allow torture in the integration of suspected Al Qaeda members currently locked up in the United States military prison located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.There are those people who say that nothing good ever comes out of integration that uses anything that could be torture, but the truth is that is some of where our best intelligence in the War on Terror has come from the use of harsh integrating techniques. There are many different forms of intergation method that are uses by our government that have been called torture by those wishing to prevent them from happening. Our government loosly defines torture as any method of intergation that does not leave any physical damage to the person that it is being used upon, there is nothing there about harsh intergation technique.
There are many different forms of intergation tactects that are uses that have been called torture, but these methods do not physical harm nor to they leave any long term physical injures. The United States government does not use many of the traditional torture techniques that many foreign governments and Al Qaeda use; such as beatings, electric shock, and starvation. Waterboarding is one of the biggest intergation that has come under attack. Water boarding is preformed by tieing a person down with his feet raised above his head, then covering his mouth and nose.Finaly water is poured over there persons face, all this causes the mind to believe that the person is drowning. Even though no physical harm comes to the person; this technique is one of the most criticized forms of harsh integration techniques used. Water boarding is preformed on our own solders to prepare them for what they might have to live through if they are captured on the battle fields.
Another form of integration techniques that is currently used is sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is not allowing the body to sleep enough, through the use of loud music or forcing the victim to stand.By not allowing the body to sleep it allows the mind to become weak and less defensive when being questioned, leaving the prisoners less likely to lie when questioned. Another technique that is used is the use of stress positions, which is placing a person in a position that becomes uncomfortable after a long period of time, such as standing, or kneeling for periods of up to four hours, no long term effects are caused by this. The pain that is felt is very real and at times very intense but it is gone as soon as they are allowed out of the stress positions. No long term damage has ever been cause by the use of stress positions.The critics of these harsh integration techniques call it torture, but they say nothing about what our men and women have been put through by foreign governments and foreign fighters through our history, and it still happening today.

Many foreign countries use physical beatings to gather information, they have gone as far as breaking bones, and many times have beaten the victim to death. Al Qaeda and the Taliban have used these tactics along with beheadings of prisoners to try to scare our fighters, as well innocent civilians that Al Qaeda has kidnapped, since the beginning of the War on Terror. Where is the out cry from the world over that?All we are doing is trying to prevent another attack on our country. Some of the best intelligence we have gotten since the start of the War on Terror has come from the use of harsh integration techniques. The American government has stopped several terrorism attacks since the attack on September eleventh. 2001. Some of these would have been worse than that tragic September day, and how were these attacks prevented, by the use of harsh integration techniques.
The captured Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters are well trained and very loyal to the cause. Our government has tried normal integration techniques to no avail.These captured men would not talk until the use of these integration techniques was introduced. Once introduced many of these captured fighters broke and gave away plans that otherwise would have not come out. There is no other way to keep our country safe, other methods have been tried and have failed. Our government uses many techniques that may boarder on torture to gather information and to prevent another terrorist attack. In a perfect world there would be no use for many of these harsh integration techniques that are currently being employed by our government against Al Qaeda and the Taliban fighters.
But unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. Until Al Qaeda gives ups its desire to see America destroyed we need to what we can and we must continue to use these harsh integration techniques. Our government does not view the use of sleep deprivation, water boarding, and stress positions; they are far more humane than what Americans soldiers have gone through by foreign governments when captured. The only way to keep America safe is to continue to use these intergation techniques until the threat possed by Al Qaeda is gone

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Why Torture Is a Good Thing
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