Wireless Local-Area Network

Following your submission in the Week Two individual assignment, “Logical Network Diagram,” the client approved your logical network diagram for their three retail locations in different cities with a locally hosted Data Center. The client has requested you propose an IP addressing scheme for this network and add a WLAN at each location into your diagram.
Revise your logical network diagram with a locally hosted Data Center to include the WLAN features. Annotate the diagram to include the following:

Wireless access points for optimum coverage and their connectivity to the existing network devices
IP addresses to all the network devices and the interfaces between the switches and the routers

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Wireless Local-Area Network
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Write a 1-page Microsoft® Word document explaining your chosen network layout and including the following:

Why you chose the number of wireless access points you did for optimum coverage
Your rationale for the IP addressing scheme you selected for this network
Why you placed network devices (i.e., routers, switches, etc.) at the particular locations you did on your drawing
The routing protocol you would use for this network and why

Note: You will use this assignment in your Week Four individual assignment, “Physical Network Diagram – Security and Business Continuity.”

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