Wk 4 – Preparing Linux for a Security Assessment Lab [due Mon]

Assignment Content

   Large Data, Inc., is an international Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in the U.S. They have recently been a victim of an external denial of service (DoS) attack that caused a data breach. Large Data, Inc., hired your firm to perform an external network security assessment. Your first assignment is to help Large Data, Inc., by performing a security assessment to identify if they have any more weaknesses. You get ready for the onsite engagement by preparing your Linux system to use as the platform for the security assessment and penetration testing. To complete this task, you use Linux tools to prepare your system for the deployment.
The client has asked you to describe the filesystem you intend to use and detail the steps used to prepare the system for testing, as well as your approach to resolving issues you uncover.
Complete the following modules in the Practice Labs course “CompTIA Linux + LX0-103”: 

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Wk 4 – Preparing Linux for a Security Assessment Lab [due Mon]
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“Create Partitions and Filesystems”
“Control Mounting and Unmounting of Filesystems”
“Find System Files and Place Files in the Correct Location”
Note: The labs will help you set up your Linux system for the onsite engagement by creating partitions and filesystems, mounting and unmounting filesystems, and finding system files and placing files in the correct locations.
Capture screenshots after completing each command line step. Paste screenshots into a Word document.
Write a 1- to 2-page filesystem assessment to accompany the screenshots using Microsoft®Word that addresses the following: 

Accurately describe the purpose of creating system partitions
Accurately define what commands are needed to mount and unmount a filesystems
List three ways to find system files, and explain how to use the command line tools correctly
Fully describe two Linux commands you can use for resolving the issues you find, and explain why they are useful
Completely describe good troubleshooting practices, and explain how system performance monitoring is used during the troubleshooting process

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