WK2 response2 (75 words)

Explain what features of your assigned country’s government make it either a presidential system, a parliamentary system, or an authoritarian system.
Australia’s government would be considered a Parliamentary system. According to the text, “In a parliamentary system, the executive is actually part of the parliament. The prime minister, as she or he is usually called, gets the position by first winning election to a seat in the legislature and then being elected to the post by fellow members of parliament (MPs).” (Van Belle, 2016) The Australian government has three arms; the legislature (or Parliament), the executive (or Australian Government) and the judiciary government which follows the model of a Parliamentary system. Also, “In the Australian system there are still checks and balances between the Executive and Legislature—Ministers are subject to the scrutiny of other Members of the Parliament led by an officially recognised opposition.” (n.d.) These checks and balances are another indicator of a Parliamentary system.
Discuss the political culture, primary political institutions, and major political actors in your assigned country.
Australian government acts as a democratic government with elected parliamentarians which serve in a body that forms the Parliament consisting of the Monarch, Senate and House of Representatives. (n.d.) As stated above, the Australian government is divided into three bodies of government; the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary. The Head of State of Australia is divided between two people, the Monarch of Australia and the Governor-General of Australia.
Explain if the current governmental system is effective at providing for the needs of the country’s citizens.
In my opinion, the current system of government in Australia works great at providing for its citizens, the people have a voice in the democratic functions of the Parliament by electing representatives. There are also checks and balances that keep each body of government from having too much power.
Van Belle, D. (2016). A novel Approach to Politics 4th Edition. Published by, CQ press, an imprint of SAGE. United States of America
(n.d.). The Australian Systems of Government. Retrieved from https://www.aph.gov.au/About_Parliament/House_of_Representatives/Powers_practice_and_procedure/00_-_Infosheets/Infosheet_20_-_The_Australian_system_of_government
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WK2 response2 (75 words)
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