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Vulnerability scanning includes scanning for specific functions, ports, protocols, and services that should not be accessible to users or devices and for improperly configured or incorrectly operating information flow mechanisms.  The security categorization of the information system guides the frequency and comprehensiveness of the vulnerability scans.  Vulnerability analysis for custom software and applications may require additional, more specialized techniques and approaches (SearchSecurity, 2018).

I downloaded Nessus scanner on my personal workstation. I ran a full port scan on the computer while the application firewall was on. The port that was open was port 80 and port 445. Many of the attacks using a port 445 exploit take place via the LAN. Malware seeking to exploit under-secured Windows systems is a likely source. There are some attacks, like WannaCry which initiates from outside the network. These attacks can reach any system for which port 445 has been opened on the firewall. This attack can be prevented using firewall (SearchSecurity, 2018).

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Write a reply to this classmate’s post
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Ports 21 and 456 were open after the firewall was turned on. Some of the vulnerabilities associated with these ports are Invisible FTP and Hackers Paradise. These vulnerabilities can be prevented by only opening ports that are needed.

The Holy Spirit is like a firewall around us. The only way the devil can have access to us is when the Lord allows him. God allowed Satan to test Job in Job chapter 1. The Bible states in Job 1:12 that “All right,” the Lord said to Satan, “everything he has is in your power, but you must not hurt Job himself.” So, Satan left (New King James Version). 


SearchSecurity. (2018). How to detect and defend against a TCP port 445 exploit. Retrieve from https://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/answer/Detecting-and-defending-against-TCP-port-445-attacks

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