Writing Assignment -Final

Company Analysis 

This is the final piece of your course project. You will complete and submit your company analysis by compiling the work you did in the assignments for Units 2 and 4 with the additional content needed to fully analyze your company. Your completed Company Analysis should read as a seamless executive report, so organize it in a logical fashion. You are encouraged to draw from your previous assignments, incorporating feedback from your instructor as well as additional information, and making sure your work fully addresses the requirements of this assignment. Do not simply paste your previous assignments into a new document.

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Writing Assignment -Final
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Your completed company analysis should include the following:

• An introduction to the company and its industry.  
o Include relevant background information. 
o Describe the organizational structure.  

• An analysis of the current economic environment of the company and industry.  
o Explain how things such as tax rates, unemployment, and government fiscal policies have affected the economic decisions of the company. 
o Explain the role of the Central Bank in the economic environment.  

• An analysis of the global presence of the company.   
o Describe the global economic climate in which the company is operating. 
o Explain how things such as free trade, trade barriers, the Third Basel Accord, or NAFTA have affected company economic decisions. 
o Analyze the economic implications of operating in different market and industry structures. 
o Explain the role of ethics and regulatory considerations in operating globally.

• An analysis of the overall effect of macroeconomic principles, theories, policies, and tools that have influenced the economic decisions and strategy development of the company.  
o Explain how macroeconomic principles, models, and tools created value for the organization. 
o Explain how macroeconomic principles, theories, policies, and tools affected strategy development within the organization. 
o In other words, what macroeconomic principles, theories, policies, and tools do you see at work within the company, driving the economic decisions and strategy development?  

• Recommended strategies (based on macroeconomic principles, theories, models, and tools) the company could adopt to successfully maximize long-term profits.  

• A conclusion, including a long-term outlook for the company.

Additional Requirements 

• Include a title page, reference page, and one-page executive summary
• Include 10-12 pages, not including title page, reference page, and executive summary. 
• Use at least four scholarly or professional resources. 
• Use APA format for citations and references. 
• Set your paper in Times New Roman, 12 points, double spaced. 


• Company Analysis Scoring Guide.

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