Writing Management System

Task: Develop a short research plan that will become the foundation of your research program. 

§ Introduction: Provide a short introduction to your research, say why there is a problem, what the problem is and what you plan to do about it. 
§ Problem Statement: Identify the research topic. Justify that this topic is both a business topic and an applied topic (1 page) 
§ Theoretical/Conceptual Framework: Identify a theory or conceptual framework that could be used for your study. Justify how it relate to your topic (1 page). 
§ Literature Review: Provide a three-page literature review. Justify your topic, and its impact on business. Evolution of your theory who came up with it and how has it evolved. Methods: Discuss your planned methodology (half page).
§ Population/Data Collection (half page). Bridging the gap: Discuss areas you feel you need additional knowledge to complete your research.
§ Conclusion: Bring the entire study goal to a summation.

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Writing Management System
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