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Option 2. Recorded Performances:

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Written review : Essay Fountain
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  • You are required to review one recorded production.
  • You may also choose to find your own option of a recorded performance. (this could be your favorite movie or TV show)

The review must include: 

  • Name of the performance, producing group,  and theater. 
  • Include a brief summary of the plot. (a small paragraph will do)
  • Provide the day and date of the performance.
  • Describe the environment you were in when watching the performance.
    • What was the dynamic between you (audience) and the performers (stage)?
      • Were you in a theater? If so – describe your surroundings.
      • Were you at home? Curled up on the couch? Lying down in bed? 
      • Were you out at an event? Was it crowded? 
  • State your opinion in a clear opening statement (Introduction)
  • Include what you noticed when you walked into the theater (what you saw, felt, heard) 
    • If you are watching a recorded performance – note some things you noticed as you started to watch the recorded performance.
  • What was one or more major theme(s) in the performance?
  • Pick two elements: Dancing, Acting, Scenery, Costumes, Lighting  | Answer the following questions:
    • How did it look? 
    • Did you like it or not? Why?
    • Discuss how these elements contributed to your understanding or enjoyment of the performance
  • Should others see this production? (Would you recommend it?) Was it worth attending/watching? Why?
  • Conclude with a summary of your opinions

Accepted submitted work: Word document

Word Document/ Written Review

  • Must be typewritten, double spaced with 1″ margins
  • No cover sheet required
  • Provide your name, date, and title at the top of the page
  • A minimum of two FULL pages, maximum of four pages. 
  • Play titles are underlined, bold, or italicized – not in quotations

Be alert to the following:

  • One who does playwriting is a playwright.
  • Theatergoer or playgoer is spelled as one word.
  • Both male and female performers are referred to as actors.
  • Be careful to distinguish between the actors and the characters they play.
  • Use the program to identify and spell names.
  • Try to identify between the play as written by the playwright and the production.

Use specific examples:

For example, it is not enough to state the acting was “fantastic” but the scenery was “boring.” You must explain what was fantastic about the acting and why the set was boring. Use specific examples from the performance, the on-line lectures and the required reading to support your argument. Opinions and observations should be original, insightful, and well supported.

Be open-minded:

Ask yourself if you are being open to unfamiliar subjects or ideas. Try not to be judgmental. If there are things you do not think should be on stage, say why. But consider that art is an expression of the creators.

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